modern age furniture


Start Date – February, 2017

New Site Launch Date – March 3, 2017


  1. Build new website, 100% responsive
  2. Increase online presence
  3. Enhance user experience
  4. Increase call & Internet leads

The Challenge - Finding A Digital Marketing Agency That Provides Results

Sandi is the Manager of Modern Age Furniture. After spending thousands of dollars and getting no results with her former company, it was time for a change. As she put it, “There were days where we would call our own phone to make sure that the line was still working.” Modern Age Furniture could not waste any more dollars on a failing marketing strategy.

She knew right away SEO Locale could help turn it around. Although they had no previous tracking tools such as Google Analytics, a template-website and were nowhere to be found on mobile search, we were excited to have the opportunity to grow with Sandi and her business.

The Solution - New Website & Educating Sandy on Results

The first thing we needed to do was design a new website. In just three days we got final approval on our design and even more impressively, finished the entire development project in seven days. The site is 100% responsive, included data tracking tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Bing Webmasters Tools. We included conversion optimization strategies as well in order to create a strong user-experience funnel.

The next step was doing a full competitive analysis, understanding who ranks for what keywords and how they ranked well and then creating our own, customized strategy for Sandi and Modern Age Furniture. We collaborated with Sandi to ensure that we targeted exactly the type of business she wanted.

The final phase was identifying, creating and updated local citations. We were able to update and build local citations for Modern Age Furniture, helping boost them to the top of search results.


    • 350% ROI
    • 5% CTR
    • 90% less CPA

I’ll again use the words of Modern Age Furniture’s Manager, Sandi, to describe the results… “People are actually coming into the store and saying, “I found you online!” and we just can’t believe that we’re actually getting phone calls!”