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There is no identity in local search results at all. He was throwing money at the wall with Facebook boosted posts and not seeing a real return on any of his marketing dollars.

The Challenge:

Bob’s Auto Repair has been a long standing business in the Warrington area for over 20 years. Yet, when Ron would search for their services online – while standing in the shop – they wouldn’t even show up. This was a real problem as local search is the lifeblood of an auto repair business, as it is with many service oriented businesses. Ron was searching for someone who would be able to grow his business online and that’s when the relationship with SEO Locale was fostered.

The Solution:

SEO and online marketing in general is not for the faint of heart. It takes time and is difficult to understand, but Ron wanted to learn and gain deeper insight on what it takes to grow a business through SEO. Bob’s Auto Repair needed a fresh start, so the team at SEO Locale went about designing and developing an entirely new WordPress website from scratch. There was no real branding in place from the original website, so this was a feat within itself, to create a design that would resonate with the current clientele, while also bringing Bob’s Auto into the 21st century. 

At the same time, we needed to create an entirely fresh marketing campaign that would allow Bob’s Auto to garner attention in local search results. We utilized a full competitor analysis and were able to identify keywords that had a high search volume, but also had intent behind them. It’s not good enough for us to just drive traffic to a website, but we want that traffic to be ready to purchase our client’s services. Working closely with Ron, we were able to identify some of the best opportunities for growth and keywords that would align perfectly with his business. 

The next phase of our process was to map these keywords out on the new website and create our on-page recommendations. This would allow the client, as well as the rest of the team, to see exactly how we were going to optimize the website. It is extremely important to make sure the on-page recommendations are precise the first time around, so Google is finding the appropriate pages relevant for our SEO efforts. Once this phase is complete we have to create unique content that coincides with our strategy. We worked closely with Ron to make sure we were creating content that would align with Bob’s Auto’s mission and voice. 

The on-going phase of SEO is a really crucial piece to our strategy, especially when we are talking about a competitive local business. We have to ensure that on-going technical fixes are being addressed promptly, links are being built, and that we are monitoring keyword rankings and overall SEO results and making adjustments where necessary to further the campaign.

The Results

Over the time that Bob’s auto has been with us, we have allowed them to enhance their service area and branch further into the Bucks/Montgomery County area. 

We have added over 100 additional keywords at no additional cost to the campaign to allow continual growth and opportunity.

When first starting with SEO Locale in October of 2018, Bob’s Auto was only being found organically for 19 keywords. Only 7 of those were even in the top 50 search results. Today, Bob’s Auto has over 200 keywords being found and almost 50 of those are on the first page of Google. 

Since Bob’s Auto didn’t have Google Analytics installed to look at year of year data, we took a look at their first 8 months with us compared to the most recent 8 months of their campaign. Bob’s has seen their traffic skyrocket, with over 50% more Google organic sessions coming in over that time period. What’s even more important is the amount of conversions they are seeing coming in. Ron is thrilled with the level of results and over the last 8 months alone, he has seen 53 organic conversions come in from his website. One extremely important point I would like to make is that with the growth of local search presence comes increased visibility of Bob’s Auto Repair’s Google My Business profile. In the last 8 months alone Bob’s Auto Repair has seen 510 calls come in from their GMB profile, which is up almost 50% from the previous 8 months. 

We are going to continue to help Bob’s Auto Repair dominate the local area and grow their business to new heights with SEO.

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