Divinity Clergy Wear

Growth of E-Commerce


  1. Grow the revenue with online sales.
  2. Rank top 5 for a specific keyword.
  3. Continued growth over time.
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Divinity Clergy Wear hired several other SEO companies in the past. None of them could meet the goals or expectations for Divinity Clergy Wear. They had one goal in mind - rank in one of the top 5 positions on Google for one specific keyword. They have been unsuccessfully chasing this goal for years. 

The client knew this keyword had high search volume and high user intent, but seemingly no agency could deliver. SEO Locale sat down with the owners and outlined a detailed plan of how to get this keyword ranked in the 5 positions in under 6 months.

Not only was our job to make sure this coveted keyword ranked in the top 5 positions, but also making sure our projections were hit in revenue for Divinity Clergy Wear.



SEO Locale found areas that we could improve on with a full digital marketing strategy and acted immediately. We created a strategy that covered both short term and long term victories.

Divinity Clergy Wear grew a tremendous 124.90% in revenue from Google Organic traffic. Going from $26,039.34 to $58,562.17 when comparing year over year.

Divinity Clergy Wear noticed the impact by our services 4 months into the process and then increased their level of service.

The Result of Our Work

Divinity Clergy Wear had almost given up working with digital marketing agencies. They were constantly over promised and severely under delivered by agencies they worked with in the past. It wasn't until collaborating with SEO Locale that they were able to believe again in the power of digital marketing. The growth Divinity has experienced thus far is tremendous, but the SEO Locale is committed to continue growing Divinity Clergy Wear.

  • Since starting with us in October, we continue to grow their keyword rankings and online visibility.
  • Revenue growth from Google Organic traffic was 124.90% year over year.

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