gi juice and java


GI Juice & Java is a woman and veteran-owned cold-pressed juice and coffee shop in Buckingham, PA. GI Juice was started by Tiffany as a homage to Tiffany’s mother and partner Sherry, who served in both the US Navy and US Army Reserve. Aside from the honor of opening a business to commemorate veterans, GI Juice is dedicated to providing organic, fresh and Eco-friendly goods from locally sourced farms. Running a business isn’t always easy, so Tiffany came to SEO Locale to help run the marketing for GI Juice and we were more than happy to help.

The Challenge - Finding A Digital Marketing Agency That Provides Results

Finding the right marketing company to get the job done was crucial for Tiffany and her business. After leaving a big SEO company that didn’t provide the results she was hoping for, she found SEO Locale. Tiffany came to SEO Locale in February 2019 with her last marketing dollars looking to drive in more foot traffic and increase sales. One important aspect that Tiffany wanted to focus on with us is that we delivered what she wanted and kept up with communication. SEO Locale quickly got to work on helping Tiffany increase store sales. The first step was to build GI Juice & Java a new and improved website.

The Solution - New Website & Educating Tiffany on Results

With a new, user-friendly and eye-catching website built, our SEO team began working on completing a full competitive analysis and identifying keywords that had high search volume and high user-intent. With constant communication and help from Tiffany’s expertise in the industry, we established a set list of industry-related local keywords to optimize the products and services GI Juice offers. Before we created the landing page content, we mapped out the keywords that were selected and approved by Tiffany so we could place them on the most relevant landing pages for users. The next step, the on-page SEO recommendations, highlights how we will use these keywords to optimize our target landing pages. After we created the on-page recommendations, we moved on to the next step of creating the on-page content that supported our SEO campaign for GI Juice. The final phase, that is always in action, consists of monitoring the keyword rankings and organic traffic, posting to social media, and on-going maintenance to our optimizations and the site. Additionally, since we can’t track foot traffic and store sales, we keep constant communication with Tiffany to ensure business is going well and she could feel the power of her digital marketing campaign working.


    • The increase in all the keyword rankings GI Juice ranks for from February 2019 when Tiffany signed with us to the beginning of July 2019. There are 73 overall keywords that GI Juice ranks for.
    • The growth of GI Juice’s keyword rankings has helped increase the organic traffic to the new website. Since we implemented our SEO strategy, GI Juice’s organic traffic has increased by 60%.
    • Since we can’t track foot traffic and sales on our end, we have Tiffany’s confirmation that our team positively impacted GI Juice’s business, “We were desperate to be on a Google search…that’s when I found Nick and his team at SEO Locale and they completely changed our business. So now I’m actually getting traffic in the door for things that we’re actually selling – which is amazing!… It was really hard to find us online, I was being bunched up before with a bunch of completely unrelated businesses and being on the third or fourth page of search results. Now I’m right front and center where everyone can see me when they search.” – Tiffany

Since we started working with Tiffany, GI Juice’s keyword rankings have seen improvement in just 6 months. In June 2019, more than 60 of the 67 targeted keywords we chose for the campaign are ranking positions 1-20 on Google. Additionally, there have been 2,559 positive position changes since January of 2019. Below shows an example of our customized client dashboard which all clients have full access to. Tiffany has been able to watch the keyword rankings increase over time as well as see their traffic and leads increase for GI Juice.