In early 2019, Ben was working with a different digital marketing company. They had built him a website for his business without giving him any login information. They also copied content for his website from a similar business in Miami. All of the content on his website was targeted to attract customers in Miami when his business was located in the Lehigh Valley. He struggled to find new potential customers and didn’t make any sales while working with this company. In summer of 2019, Ben came to us to see if we could help. Since he was struggling financially, we agreed to take him on at no cost to rebuild his website and implement our SEO strategies to get him more leads and sales.

The Challenge - Rebuilding A Website And Getting Ranked For Local And Relevant Keywords

Motorcar Paint Protection is a car detailing and paint protection center located in Center Valley, PA. Ben needed a completely new website with new and relevant keywords to attract potential customers. Our development team immediately got to work to build a new website and our SEO team found the best keywords and audience to target for Ben’s business. Our team had to recreate relevancy for Motorcar Paint Protection in its current market when it previously had no relevant rankings in the area.

The Solution - New Website & New Local Keywords

Our development team worked hard to build a new website as quickly and as efficiently as possible for Motorcar Paint Protection. We designed the website just as Ben wanted. We also made sure to take a look at Ben’s competitors in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas to come up with a comprehensive competitor analysis so we could determine which keywords would best suit his business and could attract new customers.

Our Process

Once we had Ben’s competitors figured out, we put their websites into a tool to analyze what keywords they were targeting, while also taking into account high search volume and relevancy. We also took into account the different services that Ben offers to his client base. Once Ben approved the keywords we selected for his campaign, we mapped out on his newly built website where the keywords would fit. This creates multiple landing pages for users to land on, depending on what they’re searching for. After that, we created on-page SEO recommendations. This highlights how we will use the targeted keywords on each web page. After the on page recommendations were made, we created content with the keyword density in it. We then implemented the meta information and finalized content on his site, attracting new customers in the Lehigh Valley and other local areas. Ben saw a huge difference between what his previous company did for him and the results we were able to achieve for him.


    • Ben started utilizing our services in June of 2019. Out of the 56 keywords we are targeting for Motorcar Paint Protection, all 56 keywords are ranking on Google and 52 are ranking on Bing.
    • Since Ben signed on with us in June of 2019, his Google rankings have gone up 3,437 positions and his Bing rankings have gone up 1,850.
    • When we selected keywords for Ben’s business in June 2019, 0 keywords ranked in the 50+ spots on Google, 2 keywords ranked in the 21-50 spots, 2 keywords ranked for the 11-20 spots, 8 keywords ranked in the 4-10 spots, 7 keywords ranked for the 1-3 spots and the remaining keywords didn’t rank on Google. In March of 2020, he has 0 keywords ranked in the 50+ spot, 1 keyword ranked in the 21-50 spot, 12 keywords ranked in the 11-20 spot, 18 keywords ranked in the 4-10 spot and 25 of his keywords ranked in the 1-3 spot.
    • Motorcar Paint Protection currently has 9 keywords that are the top search result on Google and 29 keywords that are the top search result on Bing.
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