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Switched Digital Marketing Companies, Got a Beautiful New Website & Got REAL Results!

Start Date – March, 2017

New Site Launch Date – March 7, 2017


  1. Build new website, 100% responsive
  2. Increase online presence
  3. Enhance user experience
  4. Increase call & Internet leads
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Jon is the Owner of Parkwood Street Road Pharmacy. After being locked into a yearlong SEO contract, Jon was skeptical about the results and how well his money was being invested. He decided to not renew his contract, however, he was never informed that he technically doesn’t own his website design, and his site would disappear. Once his site disappeared, Parkwood Street Road Pharmacy quickly lost all of his organic rankings. His old site had no Google Analytic tracking codes, or any other tools to help monitor website performance.



The first thing we needed to do was design a new website. It took us seven days to design and build Jon’s entire site. The site is 100% responsive, included data tracking tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Bing Webmasters Tools.

We also worked extremely quickly to regain his lost organic rankings. Within 30 days, Parkwood Street Road Pharmacy is once again found for his original targeted keywords, in addition to newly targeted keywords throughout the area.

The Result of Our Work

Parkwood Street Road Pharmacy has been a successful and happy client of ours since joining us. Jon was kind enough to provide us with a client testimonial video, which describes his experience with us and how we helped him resolve his Internet marketing woes.

5% CTR
90% less CPA
350% ROI

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