Anthony Taylor, owner of Taylor Home Comfort, has known our COO, Nick Quirk, for years. Before Anthony started Taylor Home Comfort, he worked at a few other businesses in the area, and he recommended our services to those companies. We were able to provide successful campaigns for those businesses, so when Anthony started his own business, the first thing he did was reach out to us to help him get leads and rank well on search engines.

The Challenge - Getting Their Website Ranking For Relevant Keywords & Getting More Leads

Taylor Home Comfort is an HVAC contractor that services southeastern PA. Once Anthony started Taylor Home Comfort, he wanted to get found on search engines for relevant keywords and rank higher than his competitors to bring in more business. To ensure this could happen, our team wanted to find the best keywords to get Taylor Home Comfort ranking on the first page of Google and bring in quality leads.

The Solution - Finding The Right Keywords For The Campaign & Analyzing Their Competitors

We wanted to make sure that we picked quality keywords for the campaign to help Taylor Home Comfort rank on search engines, which in turn, would lead to more website traffic, calls, and contact form submissions. To achieve this, we looked into what their competitors were ranking for and combined that with other keywords they wanted to be found for.


    • After we found out what Taylor Home Comfort was ranking for, as well as what their competitors were ranking for, we collaborated with Anthony to select the best keywords for his campaign. We then mapped out these keywords based on where they fit on the website, and then created on page recommendations for content that would go on those pages. After the on page recommendations were made and approved, we started creating content for those pages and implementing the meta titles and descriptions to start attracting new customers to the website. 
    • Within a few months, Taylor Home Comfort started receiving more leads, calls and submission forms than they previously had. Anthony came on board with SEO Locale in early 2019, and we have been able to grow his campaign and keep him ranking on the first page of Google for almost two years.


    • Out of the 186 keywords that are ranking for Taylor Home Comfort that we are tracking, 2 keywords are ranked in the 51-100 spots, 40 keywords are ranked in the 21-50 spots, 54 keywords are ranking in the 11-20 spots, 64 keywords are ranking in the 4-10 spot, and 24 keywords are ranking in the 1-3 spots on Google.
    • Over 46% of their keywords are ranking on the first page of Google, and almost 30% of their keywords are ranking on the second page of Google.
    • As of November 2020, Taylor Home Comfort has 33 keywords above the fold on Google.
    • Compared to Google organic traffic in 2019, Google organic traffic in 2020 increased significantly. Google organic users increased by 291.20%, new users increased by 292.45%, and session increased by 262.72%.
    • Compared to all website traffic in 2019, website traffic in 2020 also increased significantly. Total users increased by 180.15%, total new users increased by 179.77%, and total sessions increased by 186.42%.
    • In 2020, Taylor Home Comfort’s goal completions, which were contact form submissions, were up by 64.58%.