Start Date – May 2017


  1. Resolve the downhill trend of organic traffic
  2. Increase sales
  3. Optimize website
  4. Enhance user experience

The Challenge - Finding A Digital Marketing Agency That Provides Results

Wistex is an online electrical supply distributor located in Warminster, PA. The owner’s of Wistex, Nick & Christina, came to SEO Locale in May of 2017 trying to understand why their traffic and sales have been on a steady decline. When they first came to us, they were working with another agency. However, anytime they would pry for more insight on their campaign, they would get run-around answers and would never get a straight answer or plan of action on how they could improve. It was up to us to identify exactly what was causing a decrease in traffic and why they weren’t earning as much revenue with their paid campaigns as they used to.

The Solution - New Website & Educating Nick & Christina on Results

After parting ways with their former SEO company, we ran a series of tests to pin point what exactly was going on with the website. We immediately found the root of the issue which was that the former agency they worked was duplicated their website URLs which was causing a major duplication issue. For those who don’t know, duplicate pages on a website can cripple your website’s performance. It was shocking an SEO agency could allow this to happen to not catch it! Once the SEO Locale development team fixed this issue, there was an immediate positive impact. Within days, we would see traffic steadily get back on track.

Now we need to analyze their paid search efforts. It was evident that the former agency had not been optimizing their campaign as much as they should have been. Wistex was wasting hundreds of dollars on keywords that were generating no revenue. Our paid search specialist were able to optimize the campaigns in a few weeks by removing all the junk keywords and transferring the dollars spent on the junk keywords to the keywords that were generating the move revenue and ROI for Wistex.


    • Since starting with us in May ’17, we revamped paid advertising and SEO campaign.
    • Their business went from $1 Million to $3 Million in sales.

Wistex came to SEO Locale as a business doing about $1 million in sales, knowing that they could and should be doing better. This year, Wistex is on track to do over $3 million in sales! Their total traffic has grown by nearly 72% over the last 12 months. Wistex organic search increase by nearly 52% year over year. On average, Wistex total spend on Adwords has decreased by nearly 34% while their total number of transactions have increase by 19%. When looking at the campaign as a whole, total transactions have increase by over 47%, with revenue increasing by nearly 80% over the last year. With Adwords revenue increasing by 48% and Google organic revenue increasing by 116%, it goes without saying that Wistex is back on track and performing at an all time best!

wistex dashboard