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Growth of a Retirement Business

Crash Proof Retirement came on board with SEO Locale towards the end of 2018. They had worked with other SEO companies that failed to deliver the results they were looking for. They had a hard time finding an agency that they felt was transparent and offered constant communication and reporting, and since they had been lied to by other digital marketing agencies, they were skeptical to work with another. However, when they met with our team and learned about our process, they decided to sign on with us. Our team got to work to create them a strategy that would help their business grow and get the results they’ve always wanted.

The Challenge - Increasing Search Presence & Converting Leads Into Customers

Crash Proof Retirement offers financial planning services to help plan for retirement. They offer services throughout PA & FL. When they felt their previous marketing efforts weren’t working and giving them the results they hoped for, they decided to partner with SEO Locale. Their goal was to increase their search presence, drive traffic to the website & get more convertible leads.

The Solution - Picking The Right Keywords & Optimizing The Website Properly

Our team wanted to provide the best recommendations for keywords to help Crash Proof Retirement rank better on search engines. This, in turn, would give them more traffic, leads & conversions. To achieve this, we looked into what terms they were already ranking for, what their competitors were ranking for, and then combined that with other keywords they wanted to be found for.

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Our Process

After we compiled our keyword research, Crash Proof Retirement picked the terms they wanted to be found for, and we added them to their campaign. Then, we mapped out where the keywords fit best on their website, and if there wasn’t an existing page for a certain location or service, we created additional pages for them. After that, we created our on page recommendations, which highlights our SEO strategy and shows how we are going to optimize their website to get them quality results. Once these were approved, we started writing additional content for their website, as well as implementing changes to metadata and headers.

Within a few months, we were able to provide them with quality rankings and more traffic & leads. Crash Proof Retirement has been one of our longest-standing clients, and we have continued to get them quality results for years.


  • As of August 2021, 38 of their keywords are ranking in the 1-3 spot on Google, 39 are ranking in the 4-10 spots, 18 are in the 11-20 spots, 25 are in the 21-50 spots, and 6 terms are in the 51-100 spots.
  • Over 40% of the keywords in their campaign are ranking on the first page of Google.
  • 48 of the keywords in their campaign are ranking “above the fold.” This means their website comes up in search results without a user needing to scroll down & view more results.
  • Crash Proof Retirement’s Share of Voice is 12.09%. Share of voice is an indicator of brand awareness in comparison to competitors.
  • In the first half of 2021 in comparison to the previous period, Google organic users are up over 14%, new users are up over 13%, and sessions are up over 8%.
  • Within the same period, goal completions are up over 9%.
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