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Our NotifyProof product allows you to increase your sales, leads and conversions. Our social proof product allows people to conform to the actions of others with the assumption those actions reflective of the correct behavior. This technology creates a trust factor for the worried customers that this website may not be safe. The power of social proof with some recent studies show that 92% of online customers look at reviews before making an action or purchase.

Consumers want proof from an unbiased 3rd party that there is some sense of security with a website. Think about when you visit a restaurant with limited space and is packed. Your wait time may be long, but you are more likely to wait since you see it is crowded. On the flip side imagine passing by a restaurant that is empty during peak hours, would you stop in over the crowded place without doing any research?

Our NotifyProof Product in Action

Different Types of Conversion Rate Optimization Methods with NotifyProof

Informational bar can be customized to stick to the top or bottom of your website. This allows you to “alert” to your website visitors of a special sale, announcement and message you want to get across.

Email collection can be used in a notification bar that sticks or simply a static box. This will give you an opportunity to start an email marketing campaign for your success.

Coupon bar can be used if you have a flash or limited sale going on. Users will be able to click and see the coupon code.

Modal call to action pop-up can be used if you want the user to read a message immediately entering a website.

Exit pop up can be used for your customers when their mouse goes towards the top of the browser. This is a proven method to increase your conversion rate.

Latest sale can be used for eCommerce sites that want to display a recent sale on the website.

And plenty of other methods that can be used to increase your conversion rate.

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Success with Social Proof & Conversion Rate Optimization Services

A few of our clients ran a beta before the released product. We experienced an increase on the conversion rate for Cupid’s Box an eCommerce website. The increase on the conversion rate was +40%. Which provided an increase in revenue and is holding steady at a great conversion rate. Another example of a client running our social proof product was a local bucks county realtor, Paul Gunter and he is seeing an increase in getting new reviews. He is using our review widget.

Providing real-time stats to your visitors can increase a conversion, they will witness a product was recently purchased or contacted you. This brings the trust factor in to your visitors that may not know your brand. Brand loyalty is important when it comes to increasing conversions. In order to get that loyalty, you need to earn that trust and to earn that you need to provide them a great user experience with trust factors.

Contact us if you are interested in test piloting our newest product NotifyProof a social proof and conversion rate optimization tool.