doggie diva case study


Doggie Diva came on board with SEO Locale in early 2020. They decided to come on board after a current client recommended our services to them. They were looking to increase traffic and revenue and grow their eCommerce business through digital marketing. After meeting with our team, they decided to come on board with us and start growing their online presence.

The Challenge - Increasing Search Presence & Driving Traffic To The Website

Doggie Diva is an online dog boutique that specializes in dog carriers, beds, collars & other dog accessories. Their goal with partnering with SEO Locale was to increase traffic to their website, as well as increase revenue through organic search. We wanted to find the best keywords to help them get found on search engines and bring in new traffic to their website.

The Solution - Finding The Right Keywords For The Campaign & Analyzing Their Competitors

We wanted to make sure we picked quality keywords for Doggie Diva’s campaign in order for it to be as successful as possible. To achieve this, we completed a thorough competitor analysis and combined that with what they wanted to rank for to come up with a finalized keyword list to utilize in their campaign.


After collaborating and selecting the keywords for their campaign, we then mapped out these keywords based on where they fit on their website, and then created on-page recommendations for content that would go on those pages. After the on-page recommendations were made and approved, we started creating content for those pages and implementing the meta titles and descriptions to start attracting new customers to their website. 

In a year-over-year comparison, we were able to significantly increase Doggie Diva’s revenue and traffic, even in the middle of a pandemic.


    • In a year to year comparison, Google organic users in 2020 increased by 126%, new users increased by 145%, and sessions increased by 123%. 
    • In a year-to-year comparison, revenue from Google organic increased 98% and transactions increased almost 170%.
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