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Harbor Wellness Co. came on board with SEO Locale in August 2023. Harbor Wellness Co. was looking to increase its local presence as well as be able to compete with its local competitors. After they met with our team, we developed a strategic and impactful plan to fulfill their SEO & PPC aspirations.

The Challenge - Increase Local Presence To Get More Leads

Harbor Wellness Co. specializes in chiropractic care, providing services such as decompression therapy, sports, and prenatal chiropractic services in the Charleston, SC area. When Harbor Wellness came on board with our company, they were only ranking for 45 keywords, and none of them were on the first page of Google. Their goal in partnering up with SEO Locale was to bring in more conversions through PPC, increase their local presence organically, and clean up their website. So, we began finding keywords relevant to their business, services, and surrounding areas.

The Solution - Finding The Right Keywords For The Campaign & Analyzing Their Competitors

The plan included selecting quality keywords for both SEO and PPC, ensuring Harbor Wellness could significantly enhance its conversions, traffic, and leads through an integrated strategy. We achieved this by looking at their current rankings and the rankings of local competitors. To compile their keyword research, we combined keywords and locations they wanted to be found in.

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The first step in our process is our keyword research which consists of terms that are relevant to Harbor Wellness as well as the locations they would like to target around them. We first considered the terms they were ranking for, and then we looked at what keywords their competitors were ranking for. After the client picked out what keywords they wanted, we started mapping out their keywords, taking into consideration the current rankings and the pages these keywords were ranking on. After our mapping process, we began our on-page recommendations. This document highlighted our recommendations for metadata, headers, content, and overall website optimization. After our on-page recommendations were done and approved by the client, we started implementing metadata and creating content for the pages we were optimizing for. This is to attract new and potential customers to the website.

Within a few months, Harbor Wellness began improving its rankings, getting more traffic and leads. Harbor Wellness found major success not only through organic search but also in its PPC efforts, which reflected in a substantial increase in leads and conversions. In just a couple of months, we were able to significantly increase the amount of keywords they were being searched for. 


In August of 2023, Harbor Wellness was ranking for 45 keywords and none of them were on the first page of Google. As of March 2024, the company ranks for 104 keywords. The rankings and organic traffic are at an all-time high. 

Of the 50 keywords we were targeting, 16 keywords were on the first page, 8 keywords were in the 11-20 spot, 16 keywords were in the 20-50 spot, and 10 keywords were in the 50-100 spot.

All of the keywords in their campaign were ranking on Google with 32% ranking on the first page and 16% almost being on the first page of Google.

14 keywords in their campaign are ranking “above the fold.” This means that the user doesn’t need to scroll to find their website in the SERPs.


Comparing Google organic search, their users went from 207 to 1732, which means it went up by 736.71%. Their sessions went from 331 to 2618, going up by 690.94%. Also, their engaged sessions went up from 226 to 1777. This indicates a positive trend in user engagement and interaction.

Also, their conversions via phone clicks and submissions went up by almost 1000% compared to before the client signed up with SEO Locale.

Their campaign noticed a conversion rate change of +34%. Also, the number of calls they were getting through paid advertising increased by 30%, showing a substantial growth in their PPC campaign.

In summary, the collaboration between Harbor Wellness and SEO Locale showcased remarkable growth, with both SEO and PPC achieving these outstanding results.