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Towards the end of 2018, JMS Enterprises teamed up with SEO Locale to help with marketing efforts. JMS’s previous SEO company wasn’t providing the results they were hoping for. During meetings, their previous SEO company’s only solution for JMS was for them to increase their services with them and spend more money. JMS started looking for other providers and came across SEO Locale. We were able to offer them a more affordable package and a better product than their former SEO company. Our goal was to make sure JMS got business through both search and paid advertising. JMS liked our company and what we had to offer, and the partnership began.

The Challenge - Get ROI on Paid Ads & Come Up With The Right Strategy To Get JMS Quality Leads

Once JMS signed on with our team, we got to work to figure out what the problem was with their last SEO company and why they weren’t receiving results. We analyzed their paid ads and realized that their PPC campaigns had an abysmal ROI. They were wasting thousands of dollars on PPC campaigns every month by wasting dollars on non-converting keywords. Not only were they wasting tons of cash on paid search, but their SEO wasn’t targeting the right keywords to help them get found on search engines. With all of these findings in mind, we put together a comprehensive marketing plan for JMS to succeed not only with ROI on paid ads, but also with high rankings on search engines for the keywords that best represented their business and would drive high quality leads.

The Solution - Fine Tune The PPC Campaigns & Find The Best Keywords For Their Campaign

Once we made some adjustments to JMS’s PPC campaigns, they started to receive a better ROI. We also wanted to do thorough keyword research, as well as a competitor analysis to provide the best keywords for their SEO campaign. We knew that finding the right keywords was going to make a world of a difference when it came to conversions, traffic and rankings.


After we found out which keywords JMS’s competitors were ranking for, as well as taking into account their current rankings, we collaborated with them to select the best keywords to target. Then, we mapped out these keywords based on where they would fit on their website, and then created on page recommendations for content that would go on the page. After the on page recommendations were made and approved, we started creating content for those pages and implementing the meta titles and descriptions as well as the h tags to start attracting new customers to their website. 

Within a few months, JMS saw a significant increase in traffic and leads, and they were getting found for a lot of the keywords we were targeting. For less money per month, our team was able to provide great results that gave JMS business than their previous SEO company could.

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JMS Enterprises started with SEO Locale in October of 2018. Out of the 139 keywords we’re targeting for them, they’re found for 137 on Google.

Since signing on with us in October of 2018, their Google rankings have increased 4,958 total positions and their Bing rankings have gone up 2,514 total positions.

When we selected keywords for JMS, 7 keywords were ranking in the 51+ position, 17 were in the 21-50 position, 33 were in the 11-20 position, 33 were in the 4-10 position, and 1 was in the 1-3 position. As of June 2020, 3 of their keywords are ranking in the 51+ position, 9 are in the 21-50 position, 21 are in the 11-20 position, 78 are in the 4-10 position, and 26 are in the 1-3 position.

Within the first year of being with SEO Locale, JMS’s contact form submissions increased by 125%.

In a year to year comparison, JMS’s organic GMB users increased by 222.05%, new users increased by 228.99% and sessions increased by 216.50%.

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