Mister Softee DMV

Growth of a Business

Mister Softee DMV came on board with SEO Locale in November 2022. They had a limited search presence and wanted to make sure they could be found for relevant search queries in time for their busy seasons in spring and summer. After meeting with our team to discuss our services and how we could help their business achieve its goals, we got started on creating a strategy to help them do so.

The Challenge: Increasing Search Presence To Help Get More Leads

Mister Softee DMV is a soft-serve ice cream company that provides truck rental and ice cream catering services in the DMV area. When they came on board with our company, they were only ranking for 5 keywords, none of which were on the first page of Google. A few of the terms they were ranking for also were not relevant to their business or service locations. They wanted to ramp up their digital marketing efforts to help get more traffic to their website, and in turn, receive more leads. This campaign was especially time-sensitive because we had to increase their search presence in time for March when spring came around. March-September are their busiest months, so we wanted to make sure we could capitalize on that to help their business grow and thrive.

The Solution: Finding The Right Keywords For The Campaign & Creating Good CTAs On Their Website

Many successful SEO campaigns depend on quality, relevant keywords. With the right keywords, Mister Softee DMV would be able to increase not just their traffic but their leads and conversions. Other than picking the right keywords for the campaign, it was important for our team to have strong calls-to-actions (CTAs) throughout the website to assist with getting conversations.

Mister Softee DMV
Mister Softee DMV

Our Process

The first step in our process is to conduct keyword research, where we compile a list of quality terms to target for the campaign. Through analyzing Mister Softee’s website as well as their competitors’ websites, we were able to come up with a solid list of terms for the client to pick from. We provided our expertise and recommendations and after the keyword list was finalized, we created the on-page strategy. We mapped out their selected keywords based on where they fit on the website and then created on-page recommendations for metadata, content, and headers that would go on these pages. The goal is to incorporate these keywords naturally on pages we’re targeting to help boost their rankings. After the on-page recommendations were made and approved, we started creating content for those pages and implementing the meta titles and descriptions to start attracting new customers to their website.

Within a few months, Mister Softee DMV had a majority of their keywords ranking on the first page of Google and received more leads, calls, and submission forms in time for their busy season. In less than a year, our team was able to significantly increase the amount of keywords they were being found for, some of which have thousands of monthly search volume!


  • In November 2022, Mister Softee DMV was ranking for 5 terms. As of July 2023, they are ranking for 725 terms. Their organic traffic and organic keyword rankings are at an all-time high.
  • Out of the 60 keywords we’re targeting for their campaign, 1 keyword is not ranking, 4 keywords are ranking in the 11-20 spot, 27 keywords are in the 4-10 spot, and 28 keywords are in the 1-3 spot.
  • Over 90% of the keywords we’re tracking in their campaign are ranking on the first page of Google.
  • 38 of the keywords we’re tracking are being found above the fold, meaning the user doesn’t need to scroll to find their website in the SERPs.
  • Their average keyword ranking is 4, which is on the first page of Google.
  • Organic search is bringing in double the amount of traffic as any other medium (organic social media, direct, referrals, etc.)
  • Comparing the last 90 days (mid April-July) to the preceding 90 days (Jan-mid April), organic search users have increased by 472%, sessions have increased by 480%, and new users have increased by 475%.
  • Comparing the same time period, form submissions and phone clicks have increased by over 1,000%.
Mister Softee DMV
Mister Softee DMV
Mister Softee DMV