new provisions racing case study


In 2018 our COO, Nick Quirk, reached out to Nick from New Provisions Racing because he saw some opportunities to help him out in the digital marketing realm. New Provisions Racing was struggling with increasing leads and sales, and our COO saw that. New Provisions Racing agreed to come on board with SEO Locale so we could help their business grow.

The Challenge - Driving Traffic & Increasing Revenue

New Provisions Racing provides aftermarket parts for many different car makes and models at affordable and competitive prices. Before coming on board with SEO Locale, they weren’t getting many leads and making sales. Our goal was to ensure that they’re seeing an increase of traffic, leads and sales on their site. We also had to start from scratch with our SEO process and implementation. It usually takes 4-6 months to see results from SEO services, so we were ready to get started and help New Provisions Racing increase their leads and sales.

The Solution - Finding The Right Keywords For The Campaign

Our COO helped out with making a few adjustments to their website. We made it possible to SEO “categories.” Since New Provisions Racing was a shopify website, that just means we could SEO collections on the site, making it easier for people to find what they’re looking for faster. We also felt it was important to find the right keywords to catapult their campaign. Since New Provisions Racing is a business that can reach national customers, there was a lot more research that went into finding these keywords. We did a competitor analysis to see what their competitors were ranking for, which helped us narrow down the options for them.

new provisions keywords

Our Process

After we found out which keywords New Provisions Racing’s competitors were ranking for, as well as taking into account their product, we collaborated with them to select the best keywords to target. We mapped out these keywords based on where they would fit on their website, and then created on page recommendations for content that would go on the page. After the on page recommendations were made and approved, we started creating content for those pages and implementing the meta titles and descriptions as well as the h tags to start attracting new customers across the country to their website. Within the first few months of the SEO process being implemented, New Provisions Racing saw quite a difference in their traffic, leads and sales. New Provisions Racing started out with SEO Locale on a three month trial with our smallest package, and after seeing the results we were able to produce for them, they increased their spend.

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  • New Provisions Racing started utilizing our services in late 2018. Out of the 49 keywords we are tracking for them, all 49 are ranking on Google and 41 are ranking on Bing.
  • Since signing with us in late 2018, New Provisions Racing’s Google rankings have gone up 579 total positions and their Bing rankings have gone up 761 total positions. 
  • When we selected keywords for New Provisions Racing, 0 keywords were ranking in the 50+ position, 19 keywords were ranking in the 21-50 position, 8 keywords were in the 11-20 position, 14 keywords were in the 4-10 position, and 7 were in the 1-3 position. Currently, New Provisions Racing has 0 keywords in the 50+ position, 6 keywords in the 21-50 position, 15 keywords in the 11-20 position, 20 keywords are in the 4-10 position, and 8 keywords are in the 1-3 position.
  • From the end of 2018 to the end of 2019, New Provisions Racing saw a 141% increase in users on their site, a 145% increase in new users on their site, and a 100% increase in sessions.
  • From the end of 2018 to the end of 2019, New Provisions Racing saw a 47% increase in transactions and a 51% increase in revenue.
  • New Provisions Racing is being found on search engines for over 10,000 keywords now. At the end of 2018, they were being found for 3,000.