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  1. Build new responsive & mobile friendly website
  2. Increase online presence
  3. Increase new lead generation

The Challenge - Finding A Digital Marketing Agency That Provides Results

Dr. Andrew is the Owner of Radiant Life Chiropractic, a local chiropractic office in Montgomery County, PA. Dr. Andrew was a startup business and like most startups, needed to build his book as much as possible with not just new patients, but recurring patients. Initially, Dr. Andrew took it upon himself to build his website and handle his online marketing. He quickly came to realize that not only did he not have the time to dedicate to his marketing, but he also wasn’t able to fully understand how his website was performing, how to get his site found online and most importantly how to grow is online presence.

After meeting with us at SEO Locale, he knew right away it would be a great business relationship. The core of SEO Locale is built on small local businesses trusting us with their online marketing, so we were eager and excited to have this opportunity to help build up a company from the ground floor.

The Solution - New Website & Educating Dr. Andrew on Results

With a new business and a new website, time is of the essence. We wasted no time in designing a site with Dr. Andrew while at the same time beginning the competitive analysis & keyword research phase. In less than 30 days, GetRadiantLife.com was sporting a fancy facelift. However, building a mobile friendly and fully responsive site was only half the battle. Just as quickly as the site was launched, our research was completed and we discovered over a 100 local keywords that are perfect for Dr. Andrew and his business. We knew it would take some time before we really started to reap the benefits, but we knew we were extremely well positioned for success.


    • Organic search increased by 118%.
    • 10 new patients a month from digital marketing efforts.
Radiant Life has seen a 17% increase in total traffic over the last six months. However, what’s more impressive is that his organic search has increased by over 118%. Additionally, over the last six months, Radiant Life has received nearly 60 total leads – that’s almost 10 new customers a month just from digital marketing, who can then become recurring patients and revenue for Dr. Andrew.

We’re proud to be able to work with a growing small business like Radiant Life Chiropractic and we’re looking forward to  the rest of this journey!

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