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Stellar Movers came on board with SEO Locale at the end of 2019. Their goal was to get more business. After our team met with Stellar Movers and they signed on with us, we got to work right away to make sure their goal was met quickly.

The Challenge - Getting Stellar Movers More Business

Stellar Movers is a moving company in Philadelphia that helps with local and long distance moves. They felt that their business could be doing a lot more, and they wanted to increase the number of leads they were getting. Our digital marketing agency helps businesses in the area and throughout the country get more business through search engine optimization. We wanted to find the best keywords to help Stellar Movers get found on search engines and bring them more business.

The Solution - Picking The Right Keywords & Analyzing Their Competitors To Help Get More Business

We wanted to make sure we picked quality keywords for their campaign to help Stellar Movers rank on search engines, which in turn, would get them more website traffic, calls, and contact form submissions. To achieve this, we looked into what their competitors were ranking for and combined that with other keywords Stellar Movers wanted to be found for.

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After we found out what Stellar Movers was ranking for, as well as what their competitors were ranking for, we collaborated with them to select the best keywords for their campaign. We then mapped out these keywords based on where they fit on their website, and then created on page recommendations for content that would go on those pages. After the on page recommendations were made and approved, we started creating content for those pages and implementing the meta titles and descriptions as well as the h tags to start attracting new customers to their website. 

Within a few months, Stellar Movers saw an increase in business they were getting. Their website traffic increased significantly and they were noticing they were receiving more calls and contact form submissions. 


    • Stellar Movers started with SEO Locale in November of 2019. Out of the 20 keywords we’re targeting for them, they are being found for all 20 on Google.
    • Stellar Movers Google organic users have increased by 65%, new users have increased by 64% and sessions have increased by almost 70%.
    • Stellar Movers goal conversion rates for contact form submissions have increased by 153% and their goal completions for contact submission forms have gone up 329.50%. This means they had a huge increase in people submitting contact submission forms & an increase in those submission forms turning into a sale.
    • Their total events have increased by 223% and unique events increased by 168%.
    • Phone call clicks are up by almost 212% and emails are up by 247%.
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