Having a website is essential for a business. You can provide valuable information to your potential and existing customers while building a positive brand in the online community. Your website can also help your business stand out from the competition.

To maximize your website, you need to maintain it consistently. This is important to ensure that your website is operating properly and running at full capacity. How can you gain traction online if your website has poor security features? Do you think you can beat the competition if your website has outdated content?

These tips should be a part of your monthly website maintenance checklist:

Following Google Updates

Google rolls out various updates every year. If you want to maintain your website long-term, you need to adjust your algorithm based on Google’s updates.

For example, in May 2020, Google announced a new core update to its search algorithm that will take effect in 2021. This update has something to do with website performance, specifically how a page loads in the browser once a user navigates through a website.

This update should prompt you to change the algorithm in your website to improve its page load speed. You can achieve this goal by using a content distribution network or optimizing images.

When you regularly keep track of Google updates and implement changes to your website based on those updates, your website’s SEO ranking will improve. This can also help your website gain more organic search traffic and get better conversions online.

Sharing Fresh Content

One of the reasons people visit your website is that they want to learn more about your business and what you offer. They likely heard your business from an ad or a friend and would want to gather more information before they decide to buy from you.

As part of your website maintenance checklist, share fresh content regularly. This can help you attract loyal customers and improve your site ranking. When you regularly post fresh content on your website, you can also increase your authority in the industry. The more frequently you share high-quality content through your website, the stronger you become as an authority figure.

Depending on the nature of your business, you can post blogs, articles, and how-to guides on your website. For example, if you want to improve your chiropractic website SEO for your clinic, or just educating your patients, you can also post videos and video stories about your work on your website!

Making Sure Contact Forms and Information Work

Contact forms in websites are important for businesses. When you have a contact form, you can easily keep track of inquiries, get more leads from online visitors, and build your email marketing list. Receiving and sending quotations to interested customers will also become a breeze if you have contact forms.

However, you can only experience these perks when your contact forms ask the right questions and work properly. Online visitors will not submit any of their information if they find your contact form too distracting or asks too many similar questions.

To check if your contact forms are working, test out its validation, notification, and conditional integrations by filling up the form yourself. All of the information you’ve placed in the contact form should be automatically sent to your selected email address. If you didn’t receive an email or if you received one with missing details, fix your contact form right away.

Checking if your contact forms are working is important because it can help come up with solutions as soon as possible. Instead of getting information, a malfunctioning contact form will only annoy your online visitors and encourage them to turn to your competitors.

Reviewing Traffic and Highly Visited Pages

Your website consists of different pages. You’ll often have a separate webpage about your company, products, services, and contact details. The more information you want to share with your target audience online, the more web pages you’ll have.

As part of your website maintenance routine, take the time to review traffic and highly visited pages. Website traffic refers to the online visitors who access your website. Web traffic is measured in visits or sessions and is used to measure how effective your website is at attracting an audience and keeping users engaged online.

You can easily review your website traffic by using online tools, such as SEMRUSH and Google Search Console. To identify which among your web pages is regularly visited by users, use Google Analytics. This tool enables you to see your most and least popular web pages, along with the number of new users, session duration, bounce rate, and other metrics.

Adding Recent Reviews to Your Website

One of the reasons why people don’t buy from a business is because they don’t know whether the brand is trustworthy or not. Customers don’t want to spend money to buy products from a business that they don’t know anything about.

To gain the trust of new customers, add recent reviews to your website. Reviews can increase your sales, validate your business, and help you gain loyalty through customer engagement.

When first-time visitors see how hundreds of people vouch for your business and offerings, it’ll be very easy for them to trust you.

Customers value online reviews as they would on personal recommendations. This means that posting positive reviews on your website can impact their decision-making and encourage them to utilize your brand.

Moreover, recent reviews can also improve your SEO rankings as these serve as fresh content for the search engine to digest. If you want to offer the best dental website SEO to your customers, then regularly updating reviews on your website is the best way to go.

Invest in Professional Help

Some businesses don’t have the experience or resources to maintain their website on their own.

If you fall into this category, consider hiring our SEO and digital marketing company to improve your website’s visibility today!