No two businesses are alike, even if they are in the same niche or industry. Each has a unique story and features that make them stand out. It goes to say that no two businesses can have the same exact SEO strategy.

This is why many businesses are still buried under loads of search engine pages, unable to reach the first page. Many believe that simple SEO or website efforts are enough to make them visible. Online competition is fierce. You need to step up your SEO game, avoid cookie-cutter SEO, and work towards a one-of-a-kind strategy that meets your business needs.

Importance Of SEO In The Digital Marketing World

SEO is integral to digital marketing efforts. It does many things for your business, such as increasing your website visibility and search engine results page (SERP) rankings. SEO helps you stay ahead of your competitors and boost your traffic, leads, conversions, and ROI. Digital marketing and SEO are linked, two techniques that work better together.

What Is Considered Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a type of marketing, an umbrella of marketing style under which several other subsets fall. It is about promoting your brand, service, or product using digital technology such as mobile phones, TVs, and computers. Examples of digital marketing techniques include content marketing, search engine marketing, and email marketing.

Why Include SEO?

SEO, on the other hand, is a technique that allows you to utilize digital marketing to the fullest by being visible online. Search engine optimization collects user data and uses the information to structure the digital marketing campaign in the correct parameters. With SEO, you have the data to target the right services and locations to fulfill your target audience’s needs.

Organic SEO VS. Cookie Cutter SEO

SEO is vital to staying in front of the competition. However, it doesn’t mean just any SEO can deliver your desired results. Your SEO campaign must be substantial, or you may never reach the first page of search engines. Cookie-cutter SEO won’t make it, but what exactly is “cookie-cutter SEO?”

Cookie-cutter SEO isn’t customized and advanced enough to make a difference in your online visibility. Organic SEO, however, can do that by utilizing techniques that help your website rank high in organic, unpaid search engine ranks. With organic SEO, we can help you get increased site traffic.

Your business is one of a kind and your SEO strategy should reflect that. Unique SEO plans can get you at the top of organic search results. Taking into consideration the unique properties of your business, services, and products, SEO can build the fundamentals of your digital marketing plan. Creating a unique plan starts at the foundation of SEO. Items like keyword research, content creation, multimedia content, optimized page load time, and web design, should be catered to your goals and business. These strategies work together to improve your website and fulfill the criteria set by the search engine’s algorithm.

How To Avoid Cookie Cutter SEO

Cookie-cutter SEO is the one-size-fits-all approach to search engine optimization and digital marketing. While the foundation of SEO can be applied to any business, it is the unique properties and aspects that allow your business to successfully stand above the competition. Every business has different needs, and it can be a challenge to identify and take those key elements to the next level. Working with one of the best local SEO companies can provide a greater understanding of the perfect SEO plan. With that said, how can you avoid the cookie-cutter approach?

Know Yourself & Be Authentic

The first step to avoiding cookie-cutter SEO is to know yourself. Get to know your brand, services, products, employees, and customers. Know what sets you apart from the competition, which will help your marketer to know the kind of SEO you need. This way, you can also stay authentic with your customers and on your website, attracting organic traffic.

Work With The Right Digital Marketing Services

The best digital marketing companies are familiar with SEO trends, particularly what works and what does not. If you need outside help to market your business, ensure that you work with the right company. Whether it is for carpet cleaning SEO, cleaning service SEO, or SEO for real estate agents, the right digital marketing company has the means to deliver results.

Customized SEO Approach

The one technique that can counter cookie-cutter SEO is a targeted SEO approach. With custom-tailored SEO, you can direct the strategy’s focus toward where it is needed. This way, the website stands to have a higher chance of succeeding. With customized SEO, you get a solution that meets your website’s SEO requirements.

We Don’t Believe In A “One Size Fits All”

If you want to get actual results and avoid cookie-cutter SEO, you need the best authentic SEO services that help optimize your website. As a leading local SEO company, with experience, skills, and a passion for small businesses, SEO Locale can help you. Reach out to us, and we will design an SEO strategy that is as unique as your business.