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The insurance market is a competitive space. Being able to attract leads online is a necessity for any insurance company.

What is SEO?

SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization and describes the process by which you can achieve better rankings in the search engines. This involves evaluating your current situation and using measurable data to plot an effective strategy. Search engine optimization is a key part of digital marketing and without the ability to appear in front of your target market, you cannot draw the traffic necessary to generate insurance contracts.

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    How We Get Results for Our Clients

    Applying search engine optimization begins with an evaluation of a website. You need to know where you currently stand in order to plot the road ahead. Observation leads to the analysis of the data we collect. Data analysis leads to the implementation of the strategy that will get our clients to the top of the search results.

    Of course, the attainment of a top-ranking needs to be for a keyword that your target audience uses in order to search for your services. Consider the search term ‘affordable car insurance in Phoenix, Arizona.’ If your insurance agency is located in Phoenix, ranking in the top spot in Google’s search results for this term will translate to a greater influx of customers than, say, for the phrase ‘car insurance Arizona.’

    In this example, if we were looking at two different individuals conducting searches, both might be interested in insurance, but the former is more likely to convert than the latter. The first keyword shows buyer intent whereas the second one shows a more general interest and lacks a specific location within Arizona.

    Our goal is to make sure you rank for the terms that will bring you pre-qualified visitors; people already interested in buying insurance in your geographical area.

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    What Does Insurance SEO Involve?

    At SEO Locale, we start by evaluating where your website stands currently. We find the reasons you are not ranking as highly as you could and we plan the road map that will lead you to success. This is done by looking at your website’s structure and delving into how user-friendly it actually is.

    Next, we analyze how search engines look at your website. We look at how fast your site loads and whether its structure hinders search engine rankings.

    Other than the technical nuances that can help your website rank higher, we help you analyze the lifeblood of your website: content. You need to offer your audience value that positions you as an authority in the insurance space. This serves two purposes. It gives your website’s visitors helpful information that will build trust with your brand while propelling you in the search engine rankings.

    After we’ve evaluated what needs to be done and we’ve implemented the best strategies, we monitor results so as to have a measurable way of gauging effectiveness. Some of the metrics we gather and analyze are:

    ● Time on site
    ● Bounce rate
    ● Average number of pages viewed
    ● Backlinks
    ● Geographical/demographic visitor breakdown
    ● Conversion metrics
    ● and many others.

    What Are the Benefits of SEO for my Insurance Company?

    By implementing search engine optimization on your website, prospective clients in your area will find your content easily. You will get laser-targeted traffic that can be converted into recurring clients. By educating your website visitors on the options they have regarding their insurance needs, you will build trust and rapport that makes their patronage much more likely.
    Another benefit of conducting insurance SEO is that you have the ability to gather large amounts of data that can boost your marketing efforts. By knowing how your visitors interact with your content, you can better tailor your message to them. With the help of the data you gather, you can also experiment with different marketing tactics to find what works best.

    If you are looking to reduce your marketing expenditures, optimizing your website makes the most sense. Paid ad campaigns only provide results as long as they are running and you continue to pay for clicks. By achieving good search engine rankings, you will continue to attract visitors without shelling out money for ads.

    Consulting With a Knowledgeable Professional

    Implementing a result-driven and measurable search engine optimization strategy requires knowledge and experience. Overcoming this learning curve will take time and can result in costly trial-and-error on your part. Check out our results and contact us at SEO Locale so we can arrange a consultation. We can help you boost your insurance agency’s results.

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