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Digital marketing is a far different game today with the widespread use of mobile apps and more ways to find local businesses than ever. When people search through Google, they rely on quite a bit of information about a business including where it is on Google Maps, information about business hours, photos of the business, and even customer reviews which also show up on Google Maps. With all the new resources that customers use to find businesses, you need to be on top of your SEO game to generate maximum leads and ROI.

Building Real Quality And Professional Websites

Web design is only one aspect of internet marketing, and getting a website for business is much easier today than it was 10 years ago. But specialized coding and using a dedicated server can help handle high traffic, and that’s where our Fort Washington, PA web services team can put you over the top. We build websites that match your business brand and add to the customer experience. We use advanced analytics tools and help refine design strategies so that search engines view your Fort Washington, PA business more favorably. These strategies also include mobile friendly web design and advanced interactive content.

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    Employing Solid Search Engine PPC Campaigns

    Believe it or not, local internet marketing still benefits from search engine ads and PPC campaigns. And though PPC may be an older method and not even used by some businesses, if you’re willing to use Google Adwords or Bing Ads effectively, you will see increased traffic and leads. Our Fort Washington, PA PPC marketing team utilizes keyword analytics and traffic conversion tools to measure success in PPC campaigns. Even if you feel fairly confident in your current local search campaigns, we can help you find areas of improvement to increase your leads.

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    Working Across Social Media Platforms

    SEO today also includes tapping into social media channels and reaching out to potential customers there. Social media does allow you to use ad services to connect with people in a meaningful way, but you can also use live conversations and video marketing to gain even greater exposure. Plus, it’s possible to tap into group pages for Fort Washington, PA businesses, or use demographic filters and find out other trends for your customer base. Social media can be a little trickier to navigate than other internet marketing platforms, but that’s why our social media branding specialists work with you to make sure you’re utilizing it in a way that boosts customer retention rates.

    If you want to know more about what we can do for your Fort Washington, PA business, you can check out our testimonials and see what our customers have said about our work. You should also setup an appointment for our initial consultation to find out what our digital marketing strategy would entail, and how we can tailor it around your specific business marketing needs. Contact our Fort Washington, PA company today to speak to a local representative.

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