No matter what type of service you offer customers, you need a way to be found. People are using mobile devices to search for things that they need in their local area. That means when people need to find a business that helps them get rid of their junk, your junk removal company better have SEO incorporated. SEO Locale can help get your junk removal business to the next level on Google.


  • Keyword research based off local junk removal businesses.
  • Name, Address, Phone (NAP) citation link building.
  • Local on-page strategy for your junk removal company.
  • Local off-page strategy customized for your junk removal business.



    As a business, you already have a website and social media accounts. Junk removal is an important process, and your services help a lot of people. However, you can always help more if you have the right junk removal SEO included in your pages.

    You may not have the technological savvy to do this on your own, and that’s quite all right. Companies like SEO Locale have the time and desire to help you with this process. Below are some of the ways to use SEO so that you can improve your search results and get more customers for your company.

    Selecting The Right Keywords for Junk Hauling

    SEO is used as a way for search bots to find you. It requires using specific keywords and phrases that pertain to your industry and are used by customers when they are looking for you. Once they type these phrases into the search engine, the bots go out and do their job. If your site has the keywords that were typed in, you will show up on the list.

    How to Advertise a Junk Removal Business?

    Of course, it’s not enough just to have keywords. You must know how potential customers are using them. Works such as “junk” can be used for different things. It’s incredibly broad and may or may not get you found. Thus, using phrases such as “junk removal” or “junk hauling service” or “junk hauling company” may get you better results.

    Connecting The Humans & Machines for SEO

    In addition to having the right keywords, you also must use them properly. You can’t just sprinkle them randomly throughout your site and hope that the bots will pick up on them. They must be used in a way that benefits humans and bots.

    Trying to make humans and machines happy can be challenging. Working with a company like SEO Locale is a great way to ensure that you are using keywords correctly to get the best results. We know how to place words in metadata, headers, the site address and content so that you can keep real people and bots happy.

    Include Engaging Multimedia

    Since keywords shouldn’t be placed randomly on your site, you must find a way to incorporate them. This is where content comes in. There’s a variety of different content forms you can offer audiences, including blogs, videos, infographics and polls, among others.

    The goal is to offer information that gets people to your site. More than likely, their first interaction with your site will be because they need your services or are interested in your services. With the right information, you can quickly and accurately let them know how you can help with all of their junk hauling needs. Making your contact information easy to find will ensure that they call or send an email.

    Not only should you be catering to people who need your services now, but you should be appealing to people who may need you in the future. This can be done in a variety of ways, including by interacting with them on social media, holding contests or offering advice.

    Any of these can entice people to read what you have to offer, and when they are ready to clean out their junk, you will be the company that comes to mind. They may not even consider any other companies because of what you have to offer.

    Traditional Paid Advertising & Google Local Service Ads

    While content is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to attract customers to your site, it’s not the only technique you should be relying on. This works on the hope that someone will be searching for you, but you should also be going out and looking for customers. This is where running ads is advantageous.

    The great thing about running ads online is that you can tailor them to your ideal audience. You can pick their geographic location, age, and income, among other data so that your ad gets the most views. This is a great way to let people who may not be searching for you know that you exist. An ad can be just what you need to encourage them to get their junk cleaned out.

    Being found by customers is a time-consuming task. Working with a business that specializes in online marketing is a great way to be found and gives you the chance to focus on running your business.

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    We’re local digital marketing experts. If you want guidance that involves increasing your junk removal leads. Contact us for more details about our custom junk removal SEO strategy that’s legitimately the best.