How to Use NFT Marketing

NFT (or Non-Fungible Token) may just seem like another acronym added to a list that’s saturated internet lingo — but that’s not the case. As much as this might seem complicated in the beginning, NFTs can actually be very helpful, as well as profitable, especially for small businesses that want to level up their digital marketing and online presence. What is NFT, exactly?

NFT Explained

In simple terms, NFT is a unique and intangible digital asset for which you have complete ownership. Examples of digital assets include digital artwork, music files, video games, and even tweets, to name a few. Basically, anything can be sold as an NFT, though not all may incur a high value. This is because digital assets, by design, can be shared and copied by anyone.

What makes an NFT valuable is that since it’s represented by a cryptographic token, a particular digital asset then gains authenticity as its originality is verified by this token. This principle is similar to an item having a serial number, though no governing authority issues this particular serial number, as most NFTs are part of the Ethereum blockchain. Since cryptocurrencies like Ethereum are not centralized by any bank, it stands to reason that NFTs are also decentralized assets.

To further explain NFTs, think of how most collectibles, such as trading cards, work. A rare trading card would sell for a lot among collectors, provided that it’s original and not an imitation. A non-fungible token, then, makes it possible to have digital collectibles, the value of which is based on perceived rarity or digital scarcity.

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    NFT Marketing for Small Businesses

    With this shift in patronage to digital assets, how will NFTs affect small businesses like yours?

    While it may be tempting to put NFT marketing on the backburner on account of it seeming too complicated, small businesses that want to boost their online presence and customer engagement would do well to recognize the opportunities that NFT marketing presents. As the internet is rife with companies both big and small that utilize social media — which was once considered an innovative platform for marketing and advertising — it may be time to take advantage of the popularity of NFTs to further increase your audience base, as well as the value with which your brand is perceived. If your target market comprises the youth, a new method such as NFT marketing and NFT SEO may be necessary to further gain their attention and strengthen your rank in the digital space.

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    One way that NFT marketing can work to your advantage is by making loyalty programs more valuable in the eyes of customers by offering NFT-based rewards tailored to individuals. For instance, depending on your offerings, a long-time customer can receive access to a unique VIP program or receive branded artwork considered as a limited edition. Taco Bell is a good example of a company that employed an NFTs marketing approach: it sold original taco-themed gifs and images, the proceeds of which were donated to a scholarship. Owners of the NFTs also received gift cards worth $500. In many ways, this is hitting two birds with one stone as not only will your brand have an increase in perceived value by offering something unique, it also gains positive PR and stronger NFT SEO since it’s involved in charitable activity.

    NFT marketing campaigns can also boost your online presence as you would need to build communities and participate in bids. Keep in mind that NFT marketing is largely based on a digital asset’s potential to become viral and to be shareable, thus the need to expand connections, which would, in turn, benefit NFT SEO.

    Additionally, since NFTs are intangible assets, you don’t need to create a physical product that could be sold to customers. Take for example RTFKT’s digital sneakers that celebrated Chinese New Year: they sold for $28,000. Another design, wherein they collaborated with the 18-year-old artist FEWOCiOUS, sold for $3 million. From this, you can take inspiration and use digital, limited edition memorabilia commemorating holidays or special occasions, which can then be used in your marketing campaigns.

    Ultimately, however, what’s important with NFT marketing is that you need to deliver your message in a visually creative manner that will encourage customers to engage with your brand. For this, you need to think outside the box and come up with content that isn’t only good for NFT SEO, but also for improving customer experience.

    How To Approach NFTs Marketing

    Whether you’re a small business or a large one, there are many ways that you can approach NFTs marketing to work for your brand. While NFTs can seem like a new-fangled thing, tackling it from a marketing standpoint isn’t any different from employing tried-and-tested techniques.

    For instance, aside from building a community by joining different social media platforms to market your NFT campaign, participating in relevant discussions and posting educational articles and videos about NFT with a storytelling approach can work wonders for your NFT SEO.

    Further to boosting your NFT SEO, collaborating with influencers and other artists in the NFT sphere can also boost your NFTs marketing campaign’s traction in various social media platforms as you will leverage the existing audience of your partner influencer. The same could be achieved by taking advantage of press releases, which will also enable your brand to reach a wider audience via websites syndicating content from media outlets.

    Content marketing and email marketing also work well in conjunction with NFTs marketing by keeping your audience informed as well as aware of your NFTs marketing campaign and how this can benefit them.

    And, last but not least is to work with an agency like us here at SEO Locale that can help you maintain your visibility as well as gain more organic traffic. This can lead to more bids and better pricing. Working with SEO Locale will enable you to take advantage of the best marketplaces that suit the scope of your NFTs marketing project, as different marketplaces may favor one specific digital asset over another.

    If you’re looking to incorporate NFTs marketing with your brand, SEO Locale can help you navigate the waves of this new trend and make the new technology work in your favor.

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