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Did you know that when it comes to shopping for a new home, over 90 percent of the population prefers to use the web? This is because the web has made it easy to find the available homes in their local area in a quick and timely fashion. It’s also great news if you are a real estate agent because it lets you find your clients much faster.

Why Does a Real Estate Agent Need Realtor SEO?

The main reason that people can connect with a real estate agent so quickly is because of the use of SEO and real estate agent SEO. The more successful you are at loading your content with realtor SEO, the more likely that content will show up as close as possible to the top of the Google search engine results.

This is important because when shopping for a new house, people are likely to put in a search for “Miami homes" or “Great Neck condos." You will be able to get the maximum draw for your own site if you target your SEO content to your local market. We can show you how to achieve this result so that your site traffic increases along with your profits.

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How Can You Optimize Your Website with Real Estate Agent SEO?

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Want Digital Marketing Services in the Real Estate Industry??

The key to optimizing your website with realtor SEO is understanding and then following a series of crucial steps.

Target Your Local Keywords

The first step will be to learn how to target your local keywords. The more of these you have on your site, such as “Phoenix condos" or “Glendale real estate", the more your content will show up near the top of major search engine results.

Create Blog Entries

Next, you’ll need to create blog entries as a vital part of your realtor SEO campaign. Blogs are a major source of success in the SEO world. You can use your content to reach an entirely new audience composed of local residents who are interested in the properties that you have for sale. This is much quicker and more reliable than “cold calling" because the people that contact you are already ready to buy from you.

Optimize Your Site for Mobile Platforms

The next step will be to optimize your site for mobile platforms. A huge percentage of the hits you receive to your website, blogs, and social media pages will be coming from mobile units. This means that your site needs to be fully responsive in order to be quickly accessed and navigated from a cell phone or other mobile device.

Get Listed in Online Directories

The next step in your real estate SEO campaign will be to make sure that your business is listed in all the major online directories. These include such online SEO platforms as Google My Business, Yelp, and others.

The more directories your business is listed in, the more responses you will get. You will find it especially helpful to list your properties on such sites as Zillow, RedFin, Trulia, and These are sites that can be used to target your local community in a quick and efficient manner.

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