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If you run a local electrician business, then you may not know the power behind digital marketing. Like many other service professions, your business has stiff competition. Yet there may be a solution that can launch your business far ahead of your competitors. Digital marketing is an often untapped resource that can make your local business grow and increase your profit. Here’s how our company, SEO Locale, can help you. 

Internet Marketing

Search engine optimization is a difficult concept to master. With Google making new rules and implementing new algorithms, businesses are having an even more difficult time in finding the right kind of strategy to rank their business. Leave that to us. Our team of experts keeps a close eye on any changes that Google makes with their optimization practices.

As a result, we’re able to deliver internet marketing strategies that will help your business land where it needs to be on the search pages. We helped QG Smart Home with their electrician keywords for SEO. An electrician startup company that needed to rank for electrician keywords in a hyper local area.

Our passion for helping local electricians stem from our own history. Marc Brookland watched his own father struggling with his local business and a marketing agency. The agency never fulfilled its promise to him. Worse, they even ended up owning the website that his business ran on.

We wanted to do something different for local businesses. Our company is devoted to helping local businesses use the same tools that big corporations use to grow their brand and increase their revenue. We believe in transparency and results. 

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    Our team also offers web design and web development for your business. The very first marketing landscape that your customers are going to be met with is your website. If it doesn’t suit their needs, then they’re going to walk away. Our team can help you design and develop a website that produces transactions.  An often overlooked aspect of a website is a mobile version. With more customers using their phones to perform business these days, it’s essential that you have both a desktop and mobile site ready to use. We can help you implement a functional and user-friendly mobile site to drive traffic to your business.

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    SEO for Electricians


    Why Search Engine Optimization Matters for Electricians

    Many businesses that aren’t sold on using experts in the field of search engine optimization are likely unsure of how it works. When a user types into the search bar of Google something along the lines, “electrician near me,” Google formulates a results page using keywords used on various sites that best match that search criteria.

    A website that isn’t designed with search engine optimization in mind is being looked over by these customers. You may provide high-quality service and care, but no one is going to know about it unless you can increase your reputation and ranking on Google.

    We can help you do that. By using various strategies like blog posts, social media marketing, and even reputation management, we can help your business finally reach where it belongs on Google’s results page.

    Once you rank high, the next time a user types their search into Google, they’ll see your business within the first few pages. They are far more likely to click on your business, see what you offer, and schedule an appointment with you. 

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    Don’t miss out on the chance to grow your business and rake in revenue that can completely change your business. If you run an electrician company, we can help you grow your presence online and increase traffic to your business’s website. Contact us today to see our other services and to start transforming your company.

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