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Fitness fads may come and go but one thing remains the same: the general public’s desire to get in shape. Regardless of gym location, your customer base can make or break your success. Without returning gym-goers, you have no business.

So, when it comes to getting your gym noticed in a sea of many, you need to stand out. That’s where search engine optimization comes in. SEO helps bring awareness to a brand or website.

Targets Your Ideal Client

Every gym has a niche. Even if your center offers a variety of fitness options, you still have an ideal customer in mind. For instance, if you own a yoga studio, you need to create content that’s rich with yoga-related keywords. You also need to envision your ideal customer.

Their age, gender, type of yoga they perform and even where they live all come into play. You also need to create customer segments where you break down your ideal clients into smaller groups and create content that targets them specifically.

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    Increase Web Traffic

    This has been said countless times, but newspapers and phonebooks are outdated methods of advertising. These days, everything is online and accessible with the click of a mouse. What does that mean for you? You have under one minute to captivate your audience, so your website needs to shine.

    In addition to creating content that demands attention, you also need to consider web design. Websites that are difficult to navigate, have 404 errors or are outdated are the fastest way to lose potential clients. SEO, in addition to web design that shows off your personality boosts both web and foot traffic.

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    Page Rank on Google

    When it comes to Google, where your website ranks means everything. Obviously, you want your website to be the first thing people see when they look up fitness centers. But remember that this does depend on what services you’re offering, how you implement both short keywords and long-tail phrases and whether or not you use Google Ads.

    If you do run ads, you also need to implement search engine optimization into your headline, meta tags and description. Featured snippets, those pieces of information you see when you search for something online, should also be created to convert.

    However, you also need to know how to implement white hat SEO. White hat tactics are ones that are organic. It means performing keyword research, reaching out to contributors and influencers in your niche to create backlinks and avoid underhanded tactics to gain traffic. Linking to low-quality sites, cloaking and keyword stuffing are some of the best ways to get booted by Google.

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