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Today, 81 percent of Americans own a smart phone. As such, the internet, as connected to through these devices, is the way people find out about the world around them. This includes finding information about their communities and local businesses.

In todays age, SEO (search engine optimization) is more important than ever before. It’s also more local than it has ever been before. People that have smart phones use search engines to find information about local businesses. This is as true in New York City as it is in Horsham, PA. Here are just some of the reasons why having localized SEO services is important for Horsham and Montgomery County businesses.

It’s How Consumers Find Products

Traditionally, people thought of digital marketing for businesses in the context of companies that do the majority of their business online such as huge e-retailers like Amazon. This is no longer true in today’s smart phone fueled marketplace. Today, all businesses, including those online and off, benefit from preferable search engine results. This includes huge online retailers and brick and mortar businesses in Horsham, PA with a single location.

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    If you didn’t think your direct competitors in Horsham, PA were using search engine optimization strategies, you’re more than likely mistaken. Half of consumers that searched with a term relevant to their city visited a nearby store within one day. Your competitors likely already know this is true and are using an SEO focused internet marketing strategy to drive in customers. You could be losing a lot of business that way.

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    Poorly Optimized Websites Are Impossible to Find

    If you have a website, you certainly want it to come up near the top of searches relevant for your industry and Horsham, PA. Sadly, many websites are extremely poorly optimized. That can be devastating for a business. If you don’t come up on the first page of Google results, you may as well not exist to most search engine users. You have to make optimized web design part of your internet marketing plan. Poorly optimized web design may even end up with your website being punished by search engines and delisted all together.

    Online Maps Lead Consumers to Your Business

    Another integral part of this local digital marketing plan should be making sure your business is listed on every major online map service. This certainly includes Google Maps and competitors from MapQuest, Yahoo, Bing and others. The GPS systems of many cars even use such maps to help give drivers directions. Being listed on these services is important. That information also needs to be accurate. You certainly don’t want would-be customers ending up at the wrong location in Horsham, PA.

    It Can Drive in Business from Outside Montgomery County

    Another great thing about your business being search engine optimized is it can increase your profits by actually driving in customers from outside Horsham, PA and Montgomery County. When someone visits a town, they tend to do a quick search to find the best places to eat and shop. Being optimized in regards to Horsham relevant searches can help ensure that these visitors patronize your business first.

    Don’t overlook its importance as part of your company’s digital marketing plan. If you are poorly optimized, it almost ensures that you will lose a large volume of your business to your competitors.

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