Why Is SEO Crucial to Businesses in Alabama

Almost 85% of people in the United States use the internet. Around 5% of the remaining 15% say that they would love to have it, but they do not have access to it. These numbers alone are enough to tell you that it is about time that you include internet marketing in your marketing campaign.

The best method to kick off your digital marketing is search engine optimization (SEO). SEO takes advantage of the internet’s most visited site: Google. Its goal is simple: get your website or business to appear on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). The more people see you on Google, the higher the chance they become a customer. 

Aside from Google, search engine optimization also makes your website have a higher chance of appearing in other search engine websites such as Yahoo! and Bing.

There are around 4.9 million people in Alabama, and 70% of them use and have broadband coverage (people using DSL and other wired internet services are not included in this count). You can safely assume that this 70% — around 3.4 million people — have access to the internet and Google. With us — one of the best SEO companies in Montgomery, Alabama — and SEO strategies, you can reach all those people and make them become paying customers.

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    In the past, traditional search engine optimization focused too much on bringing websites and businesses to the top of search engine results pages globally. It means that people worldwide can find and access your site and get acquainted with your business.

    Realistically speaking, you provide your services and products to the people living in your state or nearby municipalities. What you need is SEO that can expose your business to fellow Alabamians.

    That is what we do here at SEO Locale — as an SEO agency helping businesses in Montgomery. Instead of just making you appear in SERPs, we make sure that locals who can do business with you will see you in Google and other search engines.

    Our SEO agency in Alabama will ensure that your site will come to the top and push back your competitors down and back to oblivion. With our team, you can be confident that whenever a person from Alabama searches anything related to your business, search engines will return your website as one of the results.

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    Search Engine Optimization Isn’t All About Your Site

    Know that SEO services do not only focus on your website. It also involves online business listings, reputation management, and analytics. After all, making your site easily searchable in search engines is not enough for you to dominate your local competition.

    Call us right now to get started with your internet marketing campaign and website optimization. In addition to our SEO services, we also provide web design to your Alabama website and internet marketing, which focuses on the state of Alabama.

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