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Stop limiting your business to your local area. As a small business owner in Burlington County, you may feel that competition is stiff. However, the answer to growing your customer base and expanding your business is at your fingertips. You need our services at SEO Locale. We provide internet marketing for small, national, eCommerce, and corporations. Here are some of the great services that we can provide for you and what makes us different from the others. 

The Story Behind Our Passion

At SEO Locale, personal experience drives our passion. Locale leader, Marc Brookland, watched his own father be taken advantage of by a digital marketing company that wasn’t doing much for him. Not only did they fail to mention that they owned his company’s website, but they weren’t transparent in their methods for how they were actually helping him.

Marc wanted to do something different. He and his partner started SEO Locale with a desire to help small businesses understand digital marketing and web development and how the power of SEO could be used to help boost their sales. Even those in Burlington County could perform at the same rate as national chains.

That passion has allowed Locale to expand its services across the country and provide transparent internet marketing for local and national businesses alike.

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    Why Does Search Engine Optimization Matter?

    Whether you run a local business in Burlington County or a national one, search engine optimization matters. Search engine optimization allows you to drive your business to the forefront of the search pages on Google.

    When a consumer asks a question in the search bar of Google, the results page is made up of businesses and websites that have managed to solve the algorithm and rank high on the list. Those businesses are more likely to have business with the consumer than those who are on page 10 or 111 of the results list.

    We can help you rank high. We understand how best to improve your score and hone your search engine optimization until you’re high enough that consumers are choosing your business over the competition. 

    Why We're Not
    Like The Others

    • We don’t need traditional advertising. Our product works.
    • We don’t talk the talk. We walk the walk with results.
    • We are true believers of quality work. You deserve it.
    • We have nothing to hide. You won’t get the run-around.
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    • SEO Services
    • Web Development / Web Design
    • Paid Advertising Management
    • Social Media Management
    • Email Marketing
    • Reputation Management
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Video Marketing
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    Digital Marketing Services for Burlington County Businesses

    Why Internet Marketing Matters

    What does internet marketing entail and how it can help your business in Burlington County? Internet marketing is an umbrella term that covers various marketing strategies for the internet. Search engine optimization may be part of internet and digital marketing, for example.

    Also called digital marketing, this is a strategy designed to help your business have an online presence. You can expect your business to do well on the internet if you don’t invest in it. There are thousands of other businesses just in your own area that are also trying to claim the online world as their own.

    Marketing your business online drives people to your store and reaches a wider audience. 

    Should You Worry About Web Design and Web Development?

    One part of investing your business online is to also invest in web design and web development. You can’t expect consumers to stay on your website if it isn’t functional or doesn’t load quickly. Nor can you expect them to stay on it if it doesn’t have mobile functionality.

    Most people use their phones to look for businesses and pay for services. Your web design should include a mobile interface.

    We can help you with your web development and web design needs. We’ll take a look at your current website, if you have one, and help you relaunch it with a new interface and better functionality. Not only does the web design need to look sleek, but it also needs to limit load time and help guide consumers to the answers that they need.

    If they’re unable to find their answers quickly, then they’ll bounce to the next site. Investing in web development is a solid method for bringing more consumers to your business. 

    Does Reputation Management Matter?

    Perhaps your business has a great reputation in the area of Burlington County. How is its reputation online? Does it even have a reputation? If not, then you need our help to help you forge one. Most people will look for reviews and what people have to say about your business online before choosing to do business with you.

    If the reviews they see aren’t in your favor, then they might opt to shop somewhere else. Managing your reputation is vital to ensuring that consumers are hearing the correct story. 

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