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If you run a small business in Delaware County, then it’s more important than ever to invest in internet marketing. As a local business, you may feel restricted to your community. This isn’t the case when you choose to work with SEO Locale. Our company is devoted to helping out small and local businesses expand their consumer base and reach far past their goals. Here’s how we can help you achieve those goals and why we want to help. 

A Company for the Small Guys

National and corporate businesses often have the resources to help them build an online network and presence. They even have the budget to invest in Google Ads and make their business rank high on Google’s search list. This can make local businesses struggle even more to keep up if they attempt to establish themselves online without help.

We’ve seen it before. Marc Brookland, the leader and founder of SEO Locale, watched his own father struggle with a company that was supposed to help grow his business online. All they did was take advantage of him. Marc wanted to make sure that never happened again.

He created SEO Locale, a company devoted to helping out local businesses compete with bigger chains and corporations through digital and internet marketing. With a team of SEO experts, web developers, and other professionals, SEO Locale has unlocked the secret to driving local businesses towards the forefront of a search page.

Here’s how we do it.

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    Why Digital Marketing is so Important

    In order for a business in Delaware County to have an online presence, it needs to undergo digital marketing. This kind of marketing can be done through a few different avenues. One of the best is through social media marketing.

    We can help your local business create a social media page that will impact your business. The best thing you do with your social media page is to connect with your clients and consumers. It’s the best place to forge a relationship and customer loyalty.

    It’s also a great place to start growing your online reputation. If a customer had a complaint, you can address it publicly, so everyone sees that you care about your customers and are devoted to solving their problems.

    Social media is also a great place for free advertising. If you have a promotion that you’re running with your business, then post it on social media. Everyone will see it in their feed. 

    Why We're Not
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    • We don’t need traditional advertising. Our product works.
    • We don’t talk the talk. We walk the walk with results.
    • We are true believers of quality work. You deserve it.
    • We have nothing to hide. You won’t get the run-around.
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    SEO & Digital Marketing Information

    How SEO Works and Why It Matters

    Ranking high on Google’s search list is all tied-in to SEO or search engine optimization. When a user types a question or certain keyword into the search bar, Google goes through a carefully constructed algorithm to give them the best results. SEO is one of the biggest impacts on how high you rank.

    There are a few ways that you can incorporate SEO. One is in your web design. We offer web design and web development services for those in Delaware County to help ensure their website drives traffic toward them.

    Another is through blog posts. Every website and business should have a blog. Blogs are one of the easiest ways to start ranking high on Google’s search list–but only if the authors know how to best create an SEO-friendly post.

    We can help you transform your old website into one that is SEO-friendly and show you tips on how to keep driving your ranking even higher.

    SEO matters because you want your business to rank high on a result page. Otherwise, the user is going to be seeing hundreds of other businesses before yours. They’re not likely going to choose to do business with you when there are at least a hundred competitors before you. 

    Why Reputation Management Matters

    Another service that we offer is reputation management. Just like in the physical world, your reputation online can impact how many customers your business attracts. There are a few ways that your reputation is shaped online. The first is through review sites. Whether it be Angie’s List, Yelp, or lesser-known review sites, people are going to be discussing their experience with your business in Delaware County.

    Without reputation management, you may fall prey to internet trolls whose sole purpose is to ruin businesses and people’s lives.

    Another way that your reputation is shaped is through social media. It’s a place where people can easily talk about the experiences that they had with your business with each other. It’s vital that your business is prepared to speak with consumers about their experiences.

    Our team is ready to defend your business and help maintain an excellent online reputation. 

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