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The time has come to expand your marketing strategies. Businesses in Gloucester County, NJ that haven’t started investing in internet marketing are behind the curve compared to their competitors. Digital marketing unleashes a whole world of marketing strategies that can boost growth for your small business and increase your sales. We’re SEO Locale and we’re passionate about helping small businesses reach their full potential through internet marketing. Here’s a bit about us and what services we provide for you.

Who Are We?

SEO Locale began in response to the treatment that our founder’s father received with another digital marketing business. The company wasn’t transparent about what they were doing for him. They even owned the website that he was supposed to have owned. Marc Brookland, the founder of SEO Locale, was tired of seeing his father and businesses like his taken advantage of by marketing companies.

He wanted to educate small businesses about how SEO and internet marketing could help them. That’s when he formed his own company. We’re a passionate team devoted to helping out the little guys take their rightful place among corporate chains. Our services are transparent, and we strive to ensure every business owner knows how our services are going to help them.

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    Why Digital Marketing in Gloucester County Matters

    What is internet marketing? This kind of marketing involves using various websites, social platforms, and functions on the internet to promote your business. More than anything, it means properly utilizing social media platforms and understanding search engine optimization to drive business toward your company.

    More people than ever utilize the internet to learn about businesses and order services. When they want to hire someone or buy a product, they’ll look for reviews online about certain businesses. They may even conduct a search on their phone to see what businesses are around them.

    If your business isn’t listed because you haven’t invested in online marketing, then that’s business you’re missing.

    Why We're Not
    Like The Others

    • We don’t need traditional advertising. Our product works.
    • We don’t talk the talk. We walk the walk with results.
    • We are true believers of quality work. You deserve it.
    • We have nothing to hide. You won’t get the run-around.
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    • SEO Services
    • Web Development / Web Design
    • Paid Advertising Management
    • Social Media Management
    • Email Marketing
    • Reputation Management
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Video Marketing
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    Digital & Internet Marketing Information

    Why SEO Matters in Gloucester County

    What is search engine optimization? Whenever a user writes a search in the search bar on Google, they receive a results page with a list of businesses and websites related to their search. Google has a top-secret algorithm that helps compile this list. Search engine optimization is the careful cracking of that algorithm to help a website rank higher on the results page.

    This is vital because most users don’t scroll past the third or fourth page in any search. You may be lucky if they even scroll past the first page. Ranking high means that those users are more likely to see your business and check out what you offer.

    Search engine optimization can be done in a few different ways. One of the easiest is with blogging. When you use keywords in your blog posts, Google recognizes them and ranks you accordingly. However, there’s an art to it. Too many keywords or keywords that are clearly used just to rank are actually punished.

    It takes experts in search engine optimization to carefully create content that not only utilizes keywords correctly, but also promotes valuable content that customers want to share.

    Another method is backlinks. When you create a blog post, you’ll always want to share valuable information. When other people cite your page, you have a backlink. This not only helps promote your website elsewhere, but it also shows Google that you are a credible source. This, in turn, can boost your search engine rating.

    Our team knows the various tricks and strategies that your business needs to start climbing the results page. 

    Why Web Design & Web Development Matter in Gloucester County

    Another service that we provide businesses within Gloucester County, NJ is web design and web development. Web design and web development are closely related to one another. The web design of your website relies on how the web development of it goes.

    Both of these matters because your customers aren’t going to stick around on a site that doesn’t load or is slow. Your web design needs to be eye-catching enough for customers to be entertained and interested in exploring your site further. Yet your web development needs to ensure that their exploration is unhindered.

    Developing a mobile site is absolutely critical since most people perform searches on their phones. Without a functioning mobile site, customers may have trouble accessing your site. This can make you lose business to competitors who do have a functioning mobile site. 

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