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If you run a business in Pittsburgh, then you understand how stiff the competition can be. With a thriving city, you have companies practically down the street trying to put you out of work. However, there’s a resource that you can utilize that can help grow your consumer base and increase your revenue. SEO Locale is a digital marketing agency with experts in search engine optimization, web design, online reputation management, social media marketing, and many other industries. Together, we can help your business in Pittsburgh thrive among its competitors. Here’s how.

Internet Marketing

Search engine optimization is a careful process in which websites cater their content to Google’s search algorithm. When a user types in something to Google’s search bar like, “restaurants near me,” a list appears before them based on keywords and other criteria. Search engine optimization helps ensure that your business is ranked high on that list.

Users typically don’t look past the first few initial pages of any search. It’s why optimization is vital. If your business is listed on the 12th page of a search, then it’s likely you’re going to see get a lot of new growth.

That’s where internet marketing helps. Our agency can help create content and perform other services that can increase your ranking and land you higher on a search.

Our team is founded on transparency and a passion for helping local businesses. Our founder, Marc Brookland, watched his own father struggle with a digital marketing agency. The agency ended up taking advantage of his father’s local business and even owned the business’s website. We wanted to change the landscape.

As a result, we created our agency to help local businesses compete with national chains and corporations all through search engine optimization. 

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    Web Design and Web Development

    Along with providing content for your website, its design and development are also critical to your success. If your website is running slow or doesn’t provide the information that a consumer needs immediately, then they’re likely to leave your website and try a competitor’s business instead.

    Our experts know what users want to experience when they click onto a website. Along with the web development of your desktop site, having a mobile site is also important. Most consumers perform business on their smartphones than anything else. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile usage, then they may have difficulty scheduling a service or buying a product.

    Our experts can help revise and design your website to improve traffic and make transactions.

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    • Email Marketing
    • Reputation Management
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Video Marketing
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    Why Search Engine Optimization Matters in Pittsburgh

    Being a busy city, Pittsburgh has tons of different businesses all vying for the same group of customers. You have to stand out if you want to survive. Local marketing can only go so far, especially since it’s already clogged with advertising from your competitors. The key to your survival comes in marketing online.

    Our team can create a custom service plan just for you. We’ll help you understand the weaknesses in your marketing strategy, then develop an online strategy that will drive traffic to your site. You could be looking for a national SEO or local SEO campaign, we can handle both for your business in Pittsburgh!

    When something occurs that makes traditional on-site business impossible, you need to be able to rely on your online marketing to carry the weight. Our company can help your business easily make that transition. 

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