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How does your restaurant or bar currently rank on Google search results? Are there specific opportunities you’re missing out on that can help improve your SEO and better your search engine rankings?

What is your digital marketing strategy?

When you improve your visibility in search results, you drive more customers to your website and eventually to your location.

Doing search engine optimization the right way is an absolute must for every restaurant and bar in today’s market. By using structured data, local search and a myriad of other tools, you’ll be able to give your search rankings a boost and drive in more business.

Are you looking to obtain more customers? You might offer other services that you would like to market and have consumers reach out to you about.

  • Private events
  • Event rentals
  • Open events you’re currently holding

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    Before you start diving into a bunch of different search engine optimization platforms, tools and learning channels, you need to define your strategy. Begin by defining the exact local area that you want to dominate. This will be where the vast majority of your customers will come from, whether it be from their homes or workplaces. This should also target potential tourists and travelers. This first step will help you shape your content and strategies for SEO and web design.

    Then you’ll want to research keyword phrases and terms you can use in your content to target your audience. Once you’ve armed yourself with this data, you can start narrowing down your focus to the specific terms and web design that fit your business at brand levels, category-specific levels and high levels. After this, you’ll be able to begin planning digital marketing content.

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    Become the king of local search results

    To become this kind of internet marketing king, it’s important to claim, standardize and optimize all of your local listings across all platforms. This includes search engines, social media and directory sites.

    Search Engine Optimization is the way to go. Just think about when you are looking for something new to do or a new place to explore. What do you do? You go onto the internet and you do a search in Google. You look for new places to eat, things to do, restaurants near a certain location, and you look through the results. This is SEO and this is the kind of power that it holds. 

    Think of these stats when you’re deciding on whether or not to invest in SEO for your restaurant or bar.

    • 60% of consumers look for restaurants and bars online
    • The first page of Google captures over 70% of user clicks

    Be engaged on your social media pages

    There has been a long industry debate on how social media impacts SEO. But one thing is for sure: we know that using social media attracts customers to your site and location.

    It’s time to develop a sound strategy for social media and follow it through. Engage your followers and reply in a prompt manner. The way you communicate online sets the tone for the rest of your customer service approach.

    Get testimonials and customer reviews

    Search users click on results that have the highest customer ratings. Then they want to read reviews from other customers before they try you out for the first time. Testimonials are a big bonus as well.

    Encourage your customers to leave reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook and other platforms after they’ve tried you out. Then leave a kind reply to every review, whether it’s good or bad.

    Make content that’s unique

    A wealth of helpful, engaging content on your site is important to your users and to the search engines. A strong, consistent brand message will increase your rankings and give you more visibility to customers.

    Spend time on the content you publish, making sure it’s well-researched and of value to readers. Today’s sophisticated consumer greatly appreciates a business that publishes great content.

    Internet marketing with search engine optimization made easy

    Think about the number of restaurants within just a 5 mile radius of your current location. This is one of the most populated and competitive industries. People go online and look for new places to dine. Many times, when someone enjoys their dining experience, they will come back for years to come. They build up a brand loyalty with your establishment and this would have never been possible if they never found you in the first place. Your restaurant or bar may have a private event space they are looking to rent out, or put on regular events to drive new business sales. Wouldn’t it be important if someone was looking for an event, that they found your location?  Now that you understand the basics of search engine optimization for your restaurant or bar, it’s time to get started.

    How can you be successful with SEO Locale’s Restaurant SEO Services?

    SEO Locale uses a multi-faceted approach to ensure your restaurant or bar sees success with their marketing campaign. This is a tried and true method that will allow your website to start ranking in search results and your website will provide a pleasant experience for the user.

    Keyword research:

    • Keyword research done for a restaurant or bar’s SEO campaign is a little different than what is done for a traditional business. You have to ensure that the right customers are going to find your website and be more inclined to dine in, order take out/delivery, or contact you about your event space. 
    • Broad targeted keywords: These are keywords like “restaurants (location)” or “bars (location)”. These are important keywords to have in your strategy because it ensures a larger audience will see your website online.
    • Niche targeted keywords: These types of keywords are important because they will drive consumers looking for certain aspects for their experience to your website. These types of keywords would be “outdoor bars (location)”, “patio seating restaurants (location)”, “fine dining restaurants (location)”. 

    SEO Locale uses these dual-headed approach to provide some of the best restaurant and bar SEO services available.

    Website experience:

    • The experience that you present a user on your website is paramount for any business. Having an easy to navigate website, simple user flows, clean and aesthetically pleasing, are all keys to winning over a potential patron. This type of user experience is even more important when it comes to winning business for your restaurant or bar. Users want to see what your establishment looks like if they’ve never been there before. They want to have an immersive experience on your website. Be able to see your seating arrangements, experience your ambience, and most importantly see your food, before they make their decisions. Having strong images that stand out on your website will give the user a deep look into what they can expect to see and eat when deciding to venture to your establishment.
    • Menu! Having your restaurant or bars menu on your website is EXTREMELY important. You also want to make sure this is maintained to reflect the appropriate offerings and pricing. 
    • Did you know? 93% of consumers view menus online before deciding on a place to go.
    • Did you also know? 80% of consumers lose trust in a business if their information online is inaccurate.
    • What this means is that it is important to have an up to date, clean, and user-friendly menu on your website.
    • Online ordering is also very important to ensure your users have the ability to order takeout or delivery, when offered. Making sure you have a way for users to easily place an order or book a table will ensure an easier time winning over your patrons.

    So why should you trust SEO Locale with your restaurant or bar’s SEO?

    SEO Locale is one of the most revered and top tied SEO agencies in the country. We have a wealth of experiences working with restaurants and bars to help them establish a strong internet presence and with new business with SEO. Our team of highly skilled individuals work to ensure your campaign’s success and that you are pleased with the services we provide. We pride ourselves on educating the client and keeping them informed of their online marketing progress. This is why we offer a 24/7 dashboard, where you can login and track your keywords, traffic data, etc. SEO Locale is here to help businesses, like yours, grow. So, contact us today for a free consultation and website audit today!

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