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As anyone who uses the internet most likely knows very well, search engines like Google and Bing are accessed many millions of times daily by users across the world looking for information, contact points for businesses, and so on. So those companies, individuals, and really any entity that depends on optimal positioning in these search engines (within the first few ‘pages’, or screens) do all they can to place as highly as they can in these trusted search engines by way of superior Search Engine Optimization.

Entire industries are depending more and more on internet exposure as a great percentage of customers and potential clients are now relying exclusively on internet contact to transact their business. One industry that relies very heavily on strong and solid SEO to drive business to their sites is the myriad companies and entities in the travel industry. And as a ‘subset’ to the entire travel industry picture, travel agencies in this day and age will now prosper greatly, or quickly fade away, based on how well they can rank in SEO on the major search engines.

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    As sad as it may be to think about, the neighborhood travel agency (also known as ‘brick and mortar’ travel agencies) you used to be able to walk into off the street are quickly disappearing from the landscape. And upon reflection, it’s quite easy to see why. Naturally, the internet has the most to do with all this change. Within mere moments, internet users can access websites for absolutely anything they’re looking for if looking into travel information. Such important information as flights, lodging, meals, rental cars, and much, much more for locations across the country or around the world, can be viewed in seconds by just inputting the right terms into a search engine.

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    Many travelers get a great amount of satisfaction and genuinely enjoy putting their own trip together, and doing so on the internet is a perfect way to do this. Whether they research each given area of importance (flights, lodging availability, etc.) individually and secure reservations one-by-one, or perhaps have some things already set (a tour package is a good example), they will have a much greater sense of how this trip will unfold. No nice travel agency brochures? No problem here, as all they need is a good printer at home to make all the ‘brochures’ they want right there, printing off all the photos, info, confirmation numbers, and more, all at once.

    Of course, for many people out there that enjoy making their own vacation, there is most likely the same number (or more) of travelers that still prefer the work and expertise that travel agents provide their customers. Many travelers still want to work with a travel agent on some level, and this is where online travel agencies can prove to be a considerable asset. By simply providing the agent relevant information on dates and times of travel, preferences in lodging, vehicle rentals, budgets, things to see and do, and so on, these travel agents (who could easily be contracted with in any location on earth) can work well with the customer and come up with the ultimate travel experience for the customer, all within days, if not hours.

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