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Banin’s Auto came on board with SEO Locale in February of 2020. They were referred to us by another one of our client’s that was satisfied with the results we were getting for them. Banin’s Auto wanted to increase their traffic to their website and get more leads, and decided to partner with us to make that happen.

The Challenge - Getting The Website Ranking For Relevant Keywords & Getting More Leads

Banin’s Auto is an auto supply store located in Bucks County, PA. When they were referred to us by another one of our clients, they expected us to deliver great results. They wanted to get found on search engines for relevant keywords and rank higher than their competitors to bring in more business. To ensure this could happen, our team wanted to find the best keywords to get Banin’s Auto ranking on the first page of Google and bring in quality leads.

The Solution - Finding The Right Keywords For The Campaign & Analyzing Their Competitors

We wanted to ensure that we picked quality keywords for the campaign to help Banin’s Auto rank on search engines, which in turn, would lead to more website traffic, calls, and contact form submissions. To achieve this, we looked into what their competitors were ranking for and combined that with other keywords they wanted to be found for.

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After we found out what Banin’s Auto was ranking for, as well as what their competitors were ranking for, we collaborated with them to select the best keywords for their campaign. After that, we mapped out these keywords based on where they fit on the website, and then created on page recommendations for content that would go on those pages. After the on page recommendations were made and approved, we started creating content for those pages and implementing the meta titles and descriptions to start attracting new customers to the website. 

Within a few months, Banin’s Auto started receiving more leads, calls and submission forms than they previously had. Within 9 months of starting the work on their campaign, they have seen a significant increase in traffic and leads. Over 75% of their keywords are being found on the first page of Google.


    • Out of the 51 keywords Banin’s Auto is ranking for that we are tracking, 1 keyword is ranking in the 51-100 spot on Google, 2 keywords are ranking in the 21-50 spots, 8 keywords are ranking in the 11-20 spots, 36 keywords are ranking in the 4-10 spot, and 4 keywords are ranking in the 1-3 spots.
    • 40 keywords, or about 77% of the keywords in their campaign are currently ranking on the first page of Google.
    • When compared to the previous period, Google organic users increased 339.19%, Google organic new users increased 341.86%, and Google organic sessions increased by 306.31%.
    • When compared to the previous period, overall website traffic increased significantly. Overall users increased by 315.50%, new users increased by 312.79%, and sessions increased by 282.81%.
    • When compared to the previous period, contact form submissions increased by 100%.
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