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In May of 2019, Bucks To Move signed on for digital marketing services with SEO Locale. Bucks To Move had previously been with other SEO & digital marketing companies that never provided positive results for the business. After that, the company decided to work on their own website and use SEO tools to help get found on search engine results. However, they were still struggling to get conversions with customers, so they came to SEO Locale to increase their website traffic & conversions.

The Challenge - Increasing Conversions for A Company That Has Had Negative Experiences With SEO & Digital Marketing Companies

Bucks To Move is an apartment locator service in Texas. They have done some work on their website and utilized some SEO tools to get traffic to their site without the help of a digital marketing company. However, they still needed some help with conversions and rankings. That’s when they got in touch with SEO Locale. Although they were very hesitant to sign on because of their past experiences, we were able to assure them that we work with our clients and help them learn about our process along the way. We were fully transparent and showed them the SEO process and the progress their company was making.

The Solution - Finding the Right Keywords For The Campaign & Keeping The Client Informed

We felt it was important to find the right keywords to catapult Bucks To Move’s campaign. We started out by doing a competitor analysis to see what their competitors were ranking for, which helped us narrow down the options for them. We also frequently touched base with Bucks To Move to answer any questions they had and to let them know what each step in our process does. We also have a client dashboard & monthly reports that we send out to let them know how they’re doing month to month, as well as period to period & year to year, so they can really see their progress.

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Once the keywords were selected for Bucks To Move’s campaign, we laid out where each keyword would go on their website to effectively get traffic to their site, as well as increase conversions on their site. After we laid out the keywords, we created on page recommendations for content that would go on each web page we’re targeting. After the on page recommendations were made and approved, we started creating content for those pages and implementing the meta titles and descriptions as well as the h tags to start attracting new customers to their site. Bucks To Move was so impressed with our transparency & the results we were able to get them, they recommended SEO Locale to a family member, and they signed on with us soon after.


    • Since signing with us, Bucks To Move’s Google rankings have gone up 845 total positions and their Bing rankings have gone up 336 total positions. 
    • Google organic traffic to Bucks To Move’s website from May of 2019 to May 2020 has increased almost 95% in users, 95% in new users & over 101% in sessions.
    • Bucks To Move’s contact form submission conversion rates over the last six months have increased by over 208%.
    • Bucks To Move’s contact form completions over the last six months have increased by almost 233%.
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