siv ambulances case study

Growth of an Ambulance Dealer

SIV Ambulances, an ambulance dealer and supplier based in Langhorne, PA, came on board with SEO Locale in April of 2020. Their goal was simple, to increase leads and to increase sales, and they knew that having an online presence played a big role in that.

The Challenge - To get their website to rank for relevant & conversion driven keywords in a niche but competitive market.

Whether it be to find answers or products, everyone is online nowadays. A website is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. However, having just a basic site with listed products is no longer enough to guarantee customer traffic. Your website needs to be optimized for industry keywords, visible to search engines such as Google and Bing, and be aesthetically pleasing/user friendly. That is where we, SEO Locale, come into play.

The Solution - Identify relevant keywords that had high search volume with low competition and optimize their website for those keywords.

The first priority when it comes to SEO is to figure out which keywords you want your website to rank for. Best practice is to select keywords that are both related to your business and are similar to common search queries. This requires extensive keyword research where we consider search volume, competitor keyword rankings, and more. Selected keywords for SIV’s campaign included terms such as “ambulance for sale” and “buy used ambulance”.

These keywords have search volume and they are conversion driven, meaning that the user intent behind the term is to purchase a product or service. After we conducted the keyword research we collaborated with SIV and we finalized a list of terms that worked best for them. Stage one complete!

siv organic users

Our Process

This is the fun part! Now that we have the keywords we want to target, it is now time to make the website bad-ass. This is where we optimize the website for the selected keywords.

The first step in this process is to map out the keywords to see where they fit best on the website. Generally, a good number of the keywords are targeted on the homepage as the homepage is usually the strongest page on a website. Once we have the keywords mapped out, then we create the on-page recommendations which includes creating or updating existing metadata, writing keyword focused headers and content, adding image alt tags to photos, and more. Some of these items are SEO lingo, the important thing to know is that the purpose of each is to increase the visibility of the selected keywords and to help Google better understand what your website is about.

After creating the on-page recommendations we then shared it with SIV for approval. We always encourage feedback during this stage because these changes are going on the website. Clients know their industry and their customers better than anyone else. Discussion will lead to a more successful campaign which will lead to more business.

Once the recommendations were approved then we began implementing. The results were very encouraging.


  • Average keyword rank improved from 27 (April 2020) to 8 (September 2021)
  • Out of the 95 keywords in the campaign, 70 are ranking on the first page of Google
  • 42 of the keywords are ranking above the fold on Google (spots 1-6)
  • Comparing January – September 2020 to January – September 2021, Google organic search users are up 900% (16,940 users vs 1,712 users)
  • In the same time period, contact form submissions via organic search increased by 560% (92 vs 14 submissions) & phone clicks increased by 65% (28 vs 17 calls)