authentick case study

Rebranding of a Local Company

In April of 2019, SEO Locale & Authentick’s partnership started. A big agency in the area wanted to bring them onboard, but they represented a competitor of Authentick’s. Authentick decided to hire our team because one of our principles is to never take on a competitor of our client’s. Authentick liked our commitment and loyalty to their brand, and they signed on with us for that reason.

Authentick was moving locations and wanted to rebrand their business. They wanted a new website and to get their name out there to get more traffic, leads and sales through their website.

The Challenge - Drive Traffic & Increase Revenue

Authentick is a business located in Philadelphia. They sell high-end watches for men & women, as well as jewelry. They decided to relocate and wanted to rebrand their business as a whole. When moving to a new location, their business was essentially starting over. There’s a new group of people they need to cater to and they needed to find relevance in local and national searches. Our team of developers were tasked with creating an eye-catching and user-friendly website, and our SEO team was tasked with finding the best keywords for their campaign to ensure they are getting traffic to their site, as well as leads and sales.

The Solution - Building A New Website & Finding The Right Keywords For Their Campaign

Our development team was able to build Authentick a brand new website that was visually appealing and functional for all users. Our SEO team felt it was important to find the right keywords to catapult their campaign. Since Authentick is a business that can reach national customers, there was a lot more research that went into finding these keywords. We did a competitor analysis to see what their competitors were ranking for, which helped us narrow down the options for them. We gave their campaign a hybrid of local and national keywords, so locals could come into the store and people across the country could find their products online.

authentick keyword trend

Our Process

After we found the best keywords for Authentick’s campaign, we collaborated with them to narrow down the list of keywords. We then mapped out these keywords based on where they would fit best on their site. After we mapped everything out, we created on page recommendations that would break down the keywords page by page, as well as how much content we would add to each page. After the recommendations were made and approved, we started creating content for those pages and implementing the meta titles and descriptions, as well as the h tags to start attracting new customers locally and across the country to their website. Within a few months, Authentick started seeing results from working with our team.


  • Authentick started working with our team in April of 2019. Out of the 78 keywords we are tracking for them, 54 of them are ranking on Google.
  • Since starting with our team, Authentick’s ratings have increased by 1,979 total positions on Google and 350 total positions on Bing.
  • When we selected keywords for Authentick, 7 keywords were ranking in the 50+ position, 4 were ranking in the 21-50 position, 3 were ranking in the 11-20 position, 6 were in the 4-10 position, and 0 were in the 1-3 position. We’ve added over 20 keywords to their campaign since they’ve started with us. Currently, 17 keywords are ranking in the 50+ position, 19 keywords are ranking in the 21-50 position, 6 are ranking in the 11-20 position, 11 keywords are ranking in the 4-10 position, and 1 keyword is ranking in the 1-3 position.
  • From mid-2019 to now, Authentick saw a 76% increase in new users to their site from Google. Their sessions also went up by almost 77% from Google.
  • From mid-2019 to now, Authentick saw a 261% increase in goal completions. Contact form submissions went up by almost 191%, emails sent increased by almost 238%, and calls from their website increased by 388%.