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In addition to building a new and improved website, our SEO team began to work on implementing our SEO strategy. Here are the results of our SEO process:  With a new website created and analytics installed, organic search traffic increased by 258%. Brennan Law Offices had 2,965 users visiting the website in the first 6 months. In the last six months, the number of users visiting the site has increased to 10,629.

The Challenge - Finding A Digital Marketing Agency That Provides Results

Bill Brennan came to SEO Locale in July of 2018 looking to pull ahead of his competition as a criminal law office in Philadelphia. Previously, Bill was working with an industry-specific digital marketing company that was not delivering the results he was looking for. With the goals of improving his SEO and increasing lead generation, Bill wanted to make sure his money being spent was being put to good use and was getting a return on his investment.The first challenge our team needed to tackle was building a new website for Brennan Law Offices.

The Solution - New Website & Educating Bill on Results

Bill did not actually own his website, instead, part of his monthly digital marketing package included “hosting” which meant he was essentially renting his website through his previous marketing company. To ensure Bill wouldn’t be without a website, SEO Locale’s web developers quickly got to work on building and a brand new, fully responsive website before leaving his old marketing company and coming to us. Unfortunately, there was never Google Analytics installed on his website, so we had to start gathering data from scratch.

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    • With increased traffic to the website, Brennan Law Offices also saw an increase in leads for the business. Our SEO efforts helped increase goal completions by 41% – from 46 contact submissions to 65 in just six months.
    • Our SEO strategy helped Brennan Law’s overall keyword rankings increase since starting with us. This graph shows the steady growth of keyword rankings from August of 2018 to the beginning of July 2019.

Throughout our initial digital marketing process and the entire time Brennan Law Offices has been with us, our team at SEO Locale put constant communication with Bill as our number one priority. We want to ensure Bill knows where and how his money is being spent. With monthly reporting showcasing our work, Bill is able to see the growth in his business from our end.

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