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In the summer of 2019, David Coleman, the owner of Extrity Security Services, met our CEO, Marc Brookland at a networking event. Marc explained what SEO Locale does for businesses, and David was interested in having a sit-down meeting to discuss a partnership. He met with Marc as well as Nick Quirk, our COO, to discuss the goals for his business and we knew we could help make it happen for him. David liked everything SEO Locale had to offer and felt comfortable with the leadership here, so he decided to come on board with us so we could help his business grow.

The Challenge - Hiring Qualified Staff & Expanding The Company in Philadelphia

Extrity Security Services is a security company that offers event security, private security, and commercial security services. They’re based in Chicago and Philadelphia, however, when they came on board with SEO Locale, they wanted to expand their services and business more in the Philly area, as well as hire qualified guards in the Chicago area. We put together a comprehensive SEO strategy to help Extrity Services achieve these goals.

The Solution - Finding The Right Keywords & Keeping The Client Informed

We felt it was important to find the right keywords to catapult Extrity’s campaign. We started out by doing a competitor analysis to see what their competitors were ranking for, which helped us narrow down some options for them. We also frequently touched base with Extrity Services to answer any questions they had and to let them know what each step in our process does. We also have a client dashboard & monthly reports that we send out to let them know how they’re doing month to month, as well as period to period & year to year, so they can really see their progress.

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Our Process

After we found out which keywords Extrity’s competitors were ranking for, as well as taking into account the current rankings of Extrity, we collaborated with them to select the best keywords to target. We made sure to have a range of Philadelphia security keywords, generic security keywords in Chicago, and security guard employee keywords. We mapped out these keywords based on where they would fit on their website, and then created on page recommendations for content that would go on the page. After the on page recommendations were made and approved, we started creating content for those pages and implementing the meta titles and descriptions as well as the h tags to start attracting new customers to their website. 

Within the first few months of the SEO process being implemented, Extrity Security Services saw quite a difference in their traffic, leads and sales. We helped them achieve their goals of expanding in Philadelphia as well as hiring qualified employees in Chicago. Our services also helped Extrity land a major security job with a big company. Now, he’s expanding his services to even more areas, like major cities throughout Tennessee.

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Extrity Security Services started SEO with our team in late July of 2019. Out of the 110 keywords we’re targeting for them, they’re ranking for 95 of them on Google.

Since signing on with us in July of 2019, their Google rankings have increased 7,974 total positions and their Bing rankings have gone up 2,341 total positions.

When we selected keywords for Extrity Security Services, 5 of their keywords were in the 50+ position on Google, 1 keyword was ranking in the 21-50 position, 1 keyword was ranking in the 11-20 position and the rest were not ranking. As of June 2020, Extrity has 2 keywords ranking in the 50+ spot on Google, 19 keywords are in the 21-50 position, 19 are in the 11-20 position, 31 keywords are in the 4-10 position and 24 are in the 1-3 position.

In the year to year comparison, Extrity’s contact form submissions have increased 100%.

Compared year over year from August 1, 2018 – June 14th, 2019 to August 1 2019 – June 14th, 2020, total users increased 70.31%, new users increased 70.07%, and sessions increased 82.15%. 

Compared year over year from August 1, 2018 – June 14th, 2019 to August 1 2019 – June 14th, 2020, Extrity’s Google organic traffic increased 64.53% in users, 63.88% in new users, and 66.12% in sessions.

Compared year over year from August 1, 2018 – June 14th, 2019 to August 1 2019 – June 14th, 2020, Extrity had a 100% increase in total events and unique events for phone calls and emails through Google organic search.

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